Will Justin Fish or Will He Continue to Cut Bait?

  The master of over-promising and under-delivering, Justin Trudeau, will need something better than glib assurances and fanciful aspirations when president Biden convenes his virtual summit on climate change this week. Between Biden's summit and the COP26 climate conference in Britain this fall, world leaders and would-be leaders will be expected to produce concrete plans to slash emissions in the dwindling time remaining. Targets are just weasel words, readily forgotten. We've been playing that game in Canada since the days of Jean Chretien. Meanwhile, as our leaders fiddle the planet burns. The World Meteorological Organization has just released its State of the Global Climate 2020 report.  It makes for grim reading. “ All the key climate and impacts information in this report highlight relentless, continuing climate change, an increasing occurrence and intensification of extreme events , and severe losses and damage, affecting people, societies and economies,” said Petteri

There's Yer Problem - Trudeau, Legault, Kenney, Ford, Horgan and Moe.

  A year into the Covid pandemic we're still dealing with a yo-yo of openings and lockdowns, openings and lockdowns, that, as new variants emerge may continue well into the future. The Tyee's Andrew Nikiforuk writes that our ongoing misfortune is largely man-made, the handiwork of our premiers and prime minister . Nikiforuk uses Quebec premier Francois Legault to illustrate how feckless our premiers have been. “We’ve had no choice but to lock down, reopen, lock down, reopen,” protested the premier last week as he acknowledged how fed up people are with Canada’s disastrous yo-yo approach to COVID-19. “The idea is to try to find a balance,” added Legault. “When we lock down, it’s to protect people’s physical health; when we reopen, it’s to help their mental health.” “Some people think there are too many restrictions, others say they aren’t enough,” added Legault who talks like the political riddle he is. “I would like to please everyone, but that’s not possible.” Legault’s pitif

Washington Post Calls for Doug Ford to Resign

  Doug Ford needs to go - now .  Washington Post columnist and Ottawa U. professor, David Moscrop makes a compelling argument for an immediate change in provincial leadership. As Ontario Premier Doug Ford sat down at a Friday afternoon news conference to announce his plans to extend the province’s covid-19 measures, social media feeds erupted with posts from around the province, from around the country, uniformly expressing outrage, frustration, shock and despondence. Ford opened by blaming the federal government for not providing the province with sufficient vaccine supply, abdicating his responsibility for a pandemic that was never going to be solved immediately by vaccines. He moved on to the absurd claim that Ontario has the toughest measures in North America, which is untrue. He said he was restricting outdoor gatherings ( which tend to be far safer than indoor gatherings ) while permitting factories, food-processing plants and warehouses to operate, intimating that a seesaw is a

It's a Matter of Supply and Demand

Pity the United States where they're awash in Covid-19 vaccines but can't drum up demand. The proportion of the population who've received at least one dose is almost twice as high as in Canada , and it's 10 times higher for the fully vaccinated. The vaccine supply in most states has ballooned to more than one dose per adult — that's allowed half of adults and nearly 40 per cent of the total U.S. population to have received a shot. The big problem facing America is "vaccine hesitancy." Not surprisingly it's more acute in Red State America.  Pity Canada where we have plenty of demand but we're dangerously behind on supply .  President Biden is working to persuade more of his countrymen to be vaccinated. In Canada we're told to be patient. They'll get around to us - eventually, maybe. That's the way the cookie crumbles. One government has over-promised. One government has over-delivered. Care to guess?

First Dose, Second Dose, Third Dose, More...

  Canada's Nobel Prize winning virologist, the University of Alberta's Dr. Michael Haughton, warned almost from the outset that Covid-19 is probably here to stay and, like influenza, might need annual vaccination. Now the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, confirms Dr. Haughton's assessment. Covid vaccination may become an annual thing .

A War We Fought to Lose

  Joe Biden has announced all American and NATO troops will be out of Afghanistan by September 11. You may commend Biden's courage. You may condemn Biden's fecklessness. Doesn't make a damned bit of difference. The only thing Biden had to decide was how much longer America would continue to lose its war of folly in Afghanistan. America's longest war. America's most futile war.  I think it was a North Vietnamese fellow, perhaps Brother Ho himself, who said that America had all the watches but the Vietnamese insurgents had all the time. Eventually mainstreet America would grow tired of an unwinnable war and would demand their troops be brought home. That's precisely what happened. Afghanistan was never the charnel house that Vietnam was for America. Afghanistan has claimed under 2,400 American dead. Vietnam tallied over 50,000. The Afghan war was waged with an all-volunteer army. Vietnam was fought largely by draftees. During Vietnam, young people flooded America&

Google Earth - Climate Change Edition

  Good on the Goog.  Google Earth has added a feature, Timelapse , that allows users to see the effects of climate change over the past 40 years. The tool takes the platform's static imagery and turns it into a dynamic 4D experience, allowing users to click through timelapses that highlight melting ice caps, receding glaciers, massive urban growth and wildfires' impact on agriculture. Timelapse compiles 24 million satellite photos taken from 1984 to 2020, an effort Google ( GOOG ) said took two million processing hours across thousands of machines in Google Cloud. For the project, the company worked with NASA, the United States Geological Survey's Landsat program — the world's longest-running Earth observation program — the European Union's Copernicus program and its Sentinel satellites , and Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab , which helped develop the technology behind Timelapse. To explore Timelapse in Google Earth, users can type any location into th