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I understand the truth of your observations, Lungta, but I still, after all these years, struggle to accept the reality of our predicament.


  1. We had a hardware store go broke here in the 80s.
    They had those little wall signs , with the wall wisdoms.
    "Don't stand out in the sun if your head melts"
    "Let all things be done decently and in order"
    and the one made popular during the Black Plague
    by those powerless to battle the fates
    "Eat. Drink. and Be Merry. For tomorrow we may die"

    I was hoping for divine or extra-terrestrial intervention
    but that unopened box of disappointment
    is not coming before dear ol mother natures intervention will
    This is all happening in exactly the way the average human mind works
    the arrogance that we can fix it
    is just exactly the same arrogance that let us "improve" things
    to the point of disaster in the first place.
    Fun times.


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