Will the Arctic Bid Adieu to Snow?

It's happening sooner, decades sooner, than anyone expected

Rain will replace snow as the Arctic’s most common precipitation as the climate crisis heats up the planet’s northern ice cap, according to research.

Today, more snow falls in the Arctic than rain. But this will reverse, the study suggests, with all the region’s land and almost all its seas receiving more rain than snow before the end of the century if the world warms by 3C. Pledges made by nations at the recent Cop26 summit could keep the temperature rise to a still disastrous 2.4C, but only if these promises are met.

Even if the global temperature rise is kept to 1.5C or 2C, the Greenland and Norwegian Sea areas will still become rain dominated. Scientists were shocked in August when rain fell on the summit of Greenland’s huge ice cap for the first time on record.

The Domino Effect of positive feedback loops:

The implications of a switchover were “profound”, the researchers said, from accelerating global heating and sea level rise to melting permafrost, sinking roads, and mass starvation of reindeer and caribou in the region. Scientists think the rapid heating in the Arctic may also be increasing extreme weather events such as floods and heatwaves in Europe, Asia and North America by changing the jet stream.

“What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay there,” said Michelle McCrystall at the University of Manitoba in Canada, who led the new research. “You might think the Arctic is far removed from your day-to-day life, but in fact temperatures there have warmed up so much that [it] will have an impact further south.

Much of the land in the Arctic is tundra, where the soil has been permanently frozen, but more rain would change that. “You are putting warm water into the ground that might melt the permafrost and that will have global implications, because as we know, permafrost is a really great sink of carbon and of methane,” said McCrystall.

We need to face some hard truths. These are extinction-grade events. Wrap your head around that. Once you've achieved that, ask yourself why no one in your Parliament, either side of the aisle but especially your prime minister, acknowledges this. He's been in power for six years, promising everything and delivering damn near nothing. We're the worst greenhouse gas emitter in the G7. Our country is one of the top 10 exporters of fossil fuels including insanely dirty coal and bitumen.  Meanwhile every one of the three major parties espouses perpetual exponential growth, the six-lane freeway to the cliff edge.

When will you say "enough"?


  1. Checking out the BC flood situation, I came aross this article by Ben Parfitt. Seems that the BC River Forecast Centre is operating in a grossly incompetent manner if you read betwen the lines. A former head of the outfit is the critic interviewed. Both the BCRFC and Environment Canada were 5 days late in issuing warnings for the first flood on Nov 13, compared to the US Weather Service. Haven't read anything from the usual news outlets on this.


    It's one thing to be hit by Anthropocene deluges because of climate change, but as the article shows, some mitigation of damage and possibly saving of lives could have been accomplished if anyone in the provincial government or EMO had been awake, which it seems, they were not.

    Pretty stark reading, if a bit overlong. But then these days, looking from afar, I have not the slightest regard for any provincial government west of my own in NS, which is new and still trying. Not a single one. They all act like the private turf of minor despots who are bereft of competence and major in bloviation and personal privilege. Then there's Trudeau.

    Crocodile tears after each monumental cock-up is the modus operandi these days. "My thoughts and prayers blah blah blah .." Horgan is as bad as Trudeau when it comes to being a two-faced environmental twit, and is trying to frack his way to immortality while setting Mountie SWAT teams on First Nations when it comes to building CGL. UNDRIP indeed.

  2. .. I follow this Australian via Twitter
    it’s dirt simple to just change the scenario to Canada
    where Stephen Harper decimated our Navigable Waters Legislation
    to ‘cut red tape’ for Resource Extraction Entities
    Trudeau of course ain’t lifting a finger to redress this
    It’s all about ‘Certainty’ to ‘Grow The Economy and Nation Building’
    Encourage Foreign Investment .. blah blah


    I read another of his articles, surprisingly from 10 years ago
    re irresponsible Media. I have written him back !
    I pointed out how the majority of Our MainMedia is of course
    embedded along with their baggage train of PR & Polling Agencies
    within ‘conservative’ Political Parties

  3. Raindrops keep falling on my head
    But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red
    Crying's not for me
    'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining
    Because I'm free
    Nothing's worrying me


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