Washington Post Calls for Doug Ford to Resign


Doug Ford needs to go - now

Washington Post columnist and Ottawa U. professor, David Moscrop makes a compelling argument for an immediate change in provincial leadership.

As Ontario Premier Doug Ford sat down at a Friday afternoon news conference to announce his plans to extend the province’s covid-19 measures, social media feeds erupted with posts from around the province, from around the country, uniformly expressing outrage, frustration, shock and despondence.

Ford opened by blaming the federal government for not providing the province with sufficient vaccine supply, abdicating his responsibility for a pandemic that was never going to be solved immediately by vaccines. He moved on to the absurd claim that Ontario has the toughest measures in North America, which is untrue. He said he was restricting outdoor gatherings (which tend to be far safer than indoor gatherings) while permitting factories, food-processing plants and warehouses to operate, intimating that a seesaw is a greater threat than a fulfillment center — or, at least, that outdoor recreation and the physical and mental health that comes with it are less important than moving goods. On Saturday, he reversed a decision to close playgrounds but kept other outdoor restrictions in place.

...Ford was never fit to be premier of Ontario. The pandemic didn’t reveal that; it just bathed it in the garish light of emergency. Both before his time in provincial politics and since, he has shown no distinction other than his extraordinary capacity to alienate, divide and fail. And the failures are many and epic. As I argued in 2018, he brought U.S.-style culture wars to Ontario. He interfered in local politics during an election and desecrated Toronto’s city council. He froze the minimum wage and rolled back protected, paid sick days. He cut Toronto public health funding, and library funding, and legal aid funding, and flood funding. He opposed safe injection sites. He couldn’t even figure out how to produce license plates that work. The list goes on and on.


  1. "And the list goes on and on!"

    But the unwashed will still vote him back in, in 18 months, because of the non-existent opposition, The Liberals are being led by an invisible pork chopper(Union Staff person of dubious ability) and has yet to get in the House and the NDP by in ineffective leader who has yet to get on the media's radar and provide a viable alternative. I have decried the cult of leadership politics but can we import Rachel Notley to show Andrea Horwath how to do the job.

    1. Ben, is it really that bad? Are there no capable leaders on the horizon? If not, then what awaits Ontario?

    2. I don't know what awaits Ontario but most people I speak to have lost faith in anybody and pose the riposte - "They (the other parties) couldn't do any better"

      Just look at today when the NDP craftily motioned all of the contentious suggestions made by the "Health Table" The Tories led by someone other than Ford (he was absent from the house) voted them all down.

      Now do you think that the obvious contradiction of Ford parroting daily "I follow the experts' advise" with the fact of a Nay vote will resonate?

      It was only the fact that the chief's of Police all over the Province declined to join in Ford's Police State, made him withdraw the mandate to stop and frisk people on the street.

  2. I lived through the Harris years in Ontario and watched the civic sphere being decimated. The clueless Libs that followed stopped the outright destruction but didn't fix much ... and that begat the plague of Fords. If Ontario was not part of Canada, we'd be looking at a 'failed state'.

    1. I had left Ontario before Harris' scorched earth austerity began. It shows how any province, state or nation can be brought low by poor leadership.

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