Just a Matter of Time


How Enbridge and its Tory handmaidens want Canadians to see the Northern Gateway/Kitimat supertanker route:

That's it. Nothing to worry about. Wide open waters all the way to China. The Douglas Channel? No problem.

Here's what that passage looks like on a marine chart:

And here's what it looks like from the air:

Now, imagine what that looks like when waves more than 30 metres tall driven by truly diabolical winds of 80 to 160 knots per hour sweep down the Hecate Strait, winds powerful enough to expose the seabed.

By the way, the Hecate for whom the strait is named was the Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, ghosts and necromancy.

As I once learned to my terror while fishing these waters, the sea can be calm as pee on a platter and, within 15 minutes, turn into an absolute nightmare. Those waters swallow small boats whole.

One pipeline or two, it's treachery either way.


  1. The media in the UK helped portray Corbyn as an anti-Semite. And it worked.

    The selling of the cheatin', bible-thumpin', secret-American Scheer was a bridge too far, but still enough to eke-out a plurality of the votes in 2019.

    Anodyne O'fool offers electoral trinkets like a tax-holiday or a 'carbon-holiday' (ie return to Harper's target, revive dead-fossil-fuel projects) and we lap it up from our media, both social and mainstream.

  2. The body politic in Canada is ailing, NPoV. Yet we wonder at the number of disaffected citizens who can't be bothered to vote.


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