Lake Mead Gives Up Her Dead

Lake Mead, the source of freshwater for some 25 million Americans, is at levels as low as it has been since the construction of the Hoover Dam.

How low? Low enough that authorities have recovered a body in a barrel believed to have been dumped in the lake around 1980. When the corpse was disposed of it was in deep water. Now it's at today's water line.

Investigators believe the body to be that of a homicide victim from the 1980s, based on the items recovered from the barrel.

More to come? Las Vegas police homicide lieutenant, Ray Spencer, says you can bet on it.

"The lake has drained dramatically over the last 15 years," Spencer said, noting that "it's likely that we will find additional bodies that have been dumped in Lake Mead" as the water level drops more.


  1. Almost perfect inverse image of the return of Sumas Lake. Perhaps water has its own agenda?

  2. Lake Mead or the Salton Sea, the USA cannot control the force of nature.
    When will the USA and the rest of us realize that?
    The arrogance of mankind is unbelievable.

    1. Is the planet burns, we'll be unable to hide the skeletons in our closets, Mound.


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