No Surprises There. Trudeau Government Won't Even Meet Its Own Tepid Climate Targets.

It's a failing grade for the Liberal government's meagre climate policies. There's another solemn promise you can kiss goodbye.

The Trudeau government came to power just weeks before the Paris climate summit at which the world reached an agreement that global warming must not be allowed to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius.  With a hearty "Canada's back" from the prime minister it looked like our nation would no longer be a climate pariah. Yeah, right.

So how do we stack up?  Among the G7 countries, Canada comes dead last with the worst emissions record of the lot. And that's after Ottawa's sleight of hand accounting that rejects any responsibility for emissions from exports of high carbon, low value fossil fuels. We turn a deaf ear to repeated warnings that these really dirty, climate killing fossil fuels, coal and bitumen, must be left in the ground. Instead Mr. Trudeau responds by building a new, high capacity pipeline that the private sector won't touch.

Dead last, who says? Why it's Ottawa's own commissioner of the environment and sustainable development, Jerry DeMarco.


  1. The smoke and mirrors of contemporary politics is laid bare, Mound. The other aspect of their 'climate plan' is the nonsense of sequestration and moving to hydrogen as a fuel source.


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