Sure, It's All Trudeau's Fault

According to the National Post, Canadians have lost faith in the federal government's ability to keep peace and order.  Predictable NatPo nonsense. There's probably a kernel of truth in it but imagine how the rightwing media would have howled if the feds had cracked down on the truckers. There would be no end to their outrage.

That said, the Trudeau government did drop the ball. It showed a civility to the protesters and their cadre of agitators that stands in marked contrast to the RCMP's heavy handed treatment of the Wet'suwet'en people on their own, unceded lands. 

When the truckers arrived in Ottawa some in their ranks were ready for violence and, if possible, even harm the prime minister. The Wet'suwet'en wanted to be left alone to run their own territory. The nerve.

Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should disband the Harper-era Pipeline Stasi and put their skills to work ferreting out those who would deny Canadians peace, order and good government and the shadowy types who aid and abet them.


  1. The handling of this protest has made me angry from day one. I have long said that this would never have been allowed if it was a group of natives. The USA has black people to treat like crap and Canada has Natives. In both countries middle class white people get treated with kid gloves.

    1. Middle class? They all claim to be broke from the broken economy.
      I'm going with mostly cracker trailer trash willing to have the banks repose rigs they owe 90% on.
      The selective treatment by the police is the "systematic racism" embedded in the minds of those who hire and the kind of minds that apply for policing positions
      A large proportion of criminal stories start with "he applied to several police departments and was rejected by them all".
      Police which can selectively apply the law are a police state .
      Oddly a discussion yesterday was to carry $500 in cash just in case.

    2. I acted for a few indie truckers over the years and they were just one engine replacement short of financial ruin. Those I knew could never afford to take several weeks off for a bullshit protest.

      Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

    3. Yes by Yes yep
      I know one of the Coutts " conspiracy to commit murder kids "
      is a multi millionaire
      but as i correct my self
      he has never owned a long haul transport truck

  2. I've found the best on-the-ground reportage in Ottawa has been by Jason Ling. On CBC Listen. The answers he gets to questions posed to the honkers beggar belief, even "better" than the Comedy Central send-up. As Ling posits in an even-tempered way, if you only ever go to right wing conspiracy sites, watch Fox News and associate with others like you in your community, you never meet a soul who disagrees with you. It's the perfect echo chamber. You're brainwashed. Thus, the honkers are genuinely mystified at the opposition to their occupation by Ottawa residents, because so far as they knew, everyone agreed with them. "Millions" stood roadside cheering them on as they drove to Ottawa three weeks and more ago. They didn't run into anyone who called them complete fools, ergo everyone was on their side! Except the lying media, of course. It's like someone saying a car brand is doing badly on the market judging by the few examples they see outside their window -- ergo, the brand is in worldwide decline, when the effect is merely local, perhaps due to a bad dealer. Such unimaginative people lack the wit to encompass a broader view of society. Or as an old Danish friend used to say to nitwits: "First you must understand that you don't understand."

    Are the white ethno-nationalist leaders of the "uprising occupation" any brighter? Judging by the MOU they issued to topple the government and have the GG and Senate run Canada, no.

    As they're now being arrested by police newly given a spine by the Emergencies Act, the truckers object and are bewildered because it's "tyrants" depriving them of "freedom" and their bid to "rescue" Canada from Trudeau tyranny. We're talking about people with serious social developmental disabilities.

    And the federal SoCons effectively egg them on. The debate between the lily-white Bergen and Singh is worth watching.

    I don't know how, or even if, you can deprogram people living in an alternate world. Is it worth trying? The various punishments and lifelong stains on their records which will render them clean broke and unemployable will get their backs up even more. The civil lawsuits from aggrieved Ottawa citizens that are bound to win on the evidence, will embitter them even more. They just don't "get" it. At all. Like Jehovah's Witnesses who won't allow blood transfusions to save their children's lives.

    Oh well. And just to put icing on the cake of chaos, the Coastal Gas Link project has been vandalized. I think we can all guess by whom and why. So once the Ottawa occupation is over, police can get back to their more familiar sport of bludgeoning First Nations people on unceded territory.

  3. "Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should disband the Harper-era Pipeline Stasi"

    ya think?

    "Costs for TMX continue to spiral out of control
    FRIDAY FEBRUARY 18, 2022
    Construction costs tops $21 billion as pipeline is delayed again"

  4. "Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should disband the Harper-era Pipeline Stasi"

    Whilst, at first glance, the emergency measures seem justified I hate to think what someone like Harper , Kenny and Moe would do with similar legislation.
    Could it be that we have missed the point that those who we elect who are those that dictate policing policy are those that should be accountable?
    That said, should we hold those that voted for such persons be held accountable ?

    "Costs for TMX continue to spiral out of control

    That is a battle lost.
    We cannot apply the law , as we see it, to the debacle of Ottawa to the turf patch , hereditary chiefs vs elected chiefs situation in northern BC.
    Time to look at ourselves?
    I am beginning to believe that policing, good or bad , is a product of the publics imagination, not based on reality.



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