Trump Wanted a Wall. Now He's Run Headlong Into One.

Donald Trump has exhausted his last chance to block the release of his records to a Congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.

After losing to a unanimous judgment of an appeal court, Trump tried his luck with the Supreme Court but even  with that stacked deck he couldn't prevail.  It wasn't a unanimous judgment. Clarence Thomas dissented, finding in favour of Trump.

The order turned aside Trump’s request to block the records release while the case continues through the courts regarding his assertion of executive privilege. It means there is no legal obstacle to release of the materials from the National Archives, and Trump’s lawyers have argued that would make the case moot.

It was another defeat for Trump at the Supreme Court, where he chose a third of the sitting justices. The former president has said he is disappointed in the high court and that some of the justices lack “guts.”

The court turned aside requests from Trump and his supporters to get involved in challenges to the 2020 election results. It ruled against his claims that the presidency protected him from investigation and rejected his efforts to block release of his financial records.

Trump's conservative justices have pretty freely debased themselves on other matters but it appears there is some line they just won't cross.


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