It's January and Big Sur is Ablaze


This is supposed to be the wet season on the Pacific coast, doubly so this year thanks to La Nina. This is the season of floods and mudslides. 

This is not the season of wildfires or at least not until now. Big Sur is ablaze right down to scenic Hwy 1, the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway.

On the day Vice-president Kamala Harris visited California to highlight new funding for fighting wildfires, residents more than 350 miles (560 km) away in the Big Sur area were told to evacuate from their homes due to a new blaze.

Officials shut down Highway 1 in both directions from Andrew Molera state park to Carmel-By-The-Sea. The American Red Cross was setting up a shelter.

Wildfire season used to run four months, late summer into the fall. Now you can experience it year round.


  1. Over the last 5 years I have seen too much burning on the Pacific Cost Highway to call it one off!!
    I think we are fooling ourselves to say we have time before run away global warming.
    It's here, get used to it our governments won't!

    When Governments through the elected rule you get this..

    In north America oil rules!!!


    1. We have but two parties poised to form government in the foreseeable future and neither has the courage to thwart the energy provinces or the fossil fuel giants. Tories, I can understand but I expected much more from the Liberals. I'll put that down to naivete.

  2. I think the major political parties here, the US and UK are firmly in the pockets of major corporate “donors” who want something a lot bigger in return.
    And they are getting it big time.
    The politicians will not willingly wean themselves off the corporate test: we, the regular joes, need to push our politicians very hard to either pee for the environment and all life on Mother Earth, or get off the pot.

    1. Sorry: change “corporate test” to “corporate teat”

  3. Don't worry.

    Our focus is on the Ukraine. not fake news from Californication.


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