Andrew Nikiforuk Takes Jordan Peterson to the Woodshed for a Damn Good Thrashing


I'm sure that quite a few of us have had our fill of the rightwing dandy and pompous git, Jordan Peterson.

Recently JP attempted to revive his flagging celebrity with an op-ed in, where else, the National Post, "Open the damn country up, before Canadians wreck something we can't fix."

Tyee columnist, Andrew Nikiforuk, penned a timely retort to Peterson's whinging.

I'm not going to cherry pick Peterson's op-ed or Nikiforuk's broadside in reply. The links are there. Read them for yourself. I think you'll be glad you did.


  1. I think there's only one solution to the travails of this entitled man. Send Peterson to live in Tennessee. or better yet, Florida. There's no shortage of Canadians down there in Trumpland who've found our winters entirely too much to bear for their fragile constitutions. For generations. The appeal of the roadside $2.99 all you can eat buffet of forty years ago was just too much to resist. Canadians wanted to be as fat as Americans, and Reformers agitated in the early '90s that this here rule of not living over 183 days a year abroad in order to keep up their pensions and free health care was just too much government overreach. I got several phone calls on the matter from local Reformers searching for support from "citizens". I was so scathing that they somehow loved the verbal punishment and told me my fiery attitude was just what they needed in the party. With mental adjustments, of course. Unbelievable.

    Peterson is a fake if you read some of his lectures. The term "sweeping generalizations" aptly describes his poorly thought-through arguments. Apparently, for those not used to economists and their penchant for authoritatively scribbling meaningless graphs with no axes origins on the board at the drop of a hat, such facile and practised movements impress -- "Oho, we have a real genius here". Taking the imprecise approach of the non-science of ecoonomics to his sociological ramblings, Peterson has impressed the undereducated wealthy by projecting a facade of competence.

    Some people love snake oil salesman purely for their chutzpah.

    For the rest of us, Peterson epitomises entitled piffle.

    1. That is why, Bill, I used the descriptor "celebrity" to define Peterson. Dr. Oz has a medical degree but he's a quack, a celebrity.


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