Use Every Tool At Your Disposal


The Washington Post editorial board is urging president Joe Biden to take off the gloves in the fight against Covid-19 and, especially, the Omicron variant sweeping the nation.

They want it all. Take some of the pressure off healthcare workers while that still might help. Get the vaccine mandate case to the Supreme Court - stat. No messing about. Free tests for everyone. Redouble efforts to promote vaccination, masks, social distancing - anything and everything. 

One new idea and it makes sense - get high-quality masks into every home in America, free of charge. It's been reported that ordinary cloth masks, even surgical masks, are ineffective for Omicron. People are urged to use N95 respirator masks which, when properly worn, do provide protection.

If the Phizer officials are right and the Covid pandemic will be with us until 2024, every country needs to go all in on taming this plague.


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