Even For the Beebs, This Is Bizarre. Dershowitz and the BBC.


What were they thinking?

When the BBC was looking for an expert to provide a little colour commentary on the Gyslaine Maxwell trial, the very last name on their list ought to have been Alan Dershowitz.

A long time acqaintance of sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, Dershowitz also stands accused of taking liberties with one of Epstein's underage Lolitas.  The BBC didn't even mention Dershowitz' connection to Epstein or his possible interest in the Maxwell trial and verdict. 


  1. Label me not surprised.
    Both the BBC and its little sister, CBC are dangerous.
    They promote right-wing nonsense via 'both side-isms' and still get labeled as lefties which assists in their long con.

    1. and the other shoe drops ...

      "BBC Radio 4 under fire after interview with Ghislaine Maxwell's brother Ian Maxwell"

    2. "BBC News also came under fire for a story which positioned Ghislaine Maxwell as a “favourite daughter”. After backlash on social media from prominent figures including Janey Godley, the corporation quietly had the article changed."


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