Dr. Henry's Happy New Year. "We Are Going to Get To That Place" or The Gift of Omicron


British Columbia's medical officer of health, Dr. Bonnie Henry, thinks the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus could transform the contagion from pandemic to endemic.

"The way the virus is changing with Omicron — that is leading us to that place sooner," she said. "The type of illness it's causing, with most of us being protected through vaccination, means that we are going to get to that place."

Henry says the virus will eventually become endemic as the season shifts to spring, more children get vaccinated and the spread of infection slows, though she said there are still many unknowns ahead.
Dr. Henry does know a thing or two about viral plagues from her work in Asia battling ebola to working as part of the Toronto team that brought SARS, another corona virus, under control before it could become pandemic.


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    1. I guess it's a good thing she doesn't have to count on your vote then, NPoV. So which medical officer of health do you think has done much better?

    2. hmmm ... maybe look here?



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