Little Did We Know. Maybe We Just Didn't Want to Know.


Back when the science types introduced global warming to we plebs they began with a few basic predictions. 

The first one was that the world was going to get warmer. Has it ever, in spades. Something like 18 of the  hottest years on record have occurred in the last 20 years. They were sure on the money there.

They told us that dry regions of the world would get drier and, by and large, they got that one right too.  Ask any farmer or rancher from the prairie provinces.

Then they told us that the wettest regions would get wetter, a lot wetter.  Look no further than the Fraser Valley or British Columbia's washed out mountain highways or rail lines.  British Columbians are no strangers to rain, lots of rain, but this is ridiculous.

Were I to grade them, I'd give them an A-. I'd like to make that an A+ but, overall, their predictions were understated. Climate breakdown has happened more rapidly than they foresaw 30 years ago. Their forecasts were overtaken by events.

Where do we go from here? I guess that's the question. 


  1. Full on till the end, it would seem, Mound. I wish it were otherwise.

    1. We show little inclination to change, Lorne.

      If my theory is right and our future depends on developing a willingness to begin living in harmony with nature whether that be on consumption, waste or endless growth, we seem to be writing ourselves off.

  2. Apparently we were emitting 22B tons of carbon in 1992, the year of the Kyoto Accord. Now it is 34B tons/year.

    So, in the wake of an event where the worlds scientists and politicians finally acknowledged the reality of the science of human caused global heating, we ... increased our poison feed by more than 70%.

    Humanities anthem must be:
    'You gotta fight for your right to party'

    1. What's that I smell? Is it the faint whiff of madness?

      Sure enough, Abbotsford (according to CBC) got 100mm of rain overnight. No word yet on the runoff from the surrounding mountains but Weather Network has the temp at 12C. EnviroCan predicted this warming, enough to melt the snowpack. That's a trifecta for the Fraser Valley and possibly some of the Lower Mainland municipalities.

      Another 75mm expected today and overnight and then heavy rains return on Tuesday/Wednesday. Then another bout of heavy rains from December 8 to 10.

      I hope they can get their livestock secured and fed.


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