"From Failure to Failure"

"Sold Out" Indeed -

The federal climate commissioner has passed judgment on our governments' efforts to fight climate change. It's a well-deserved "F."

Despite three decades of effort, Canada's carbon emissions have risen 20 per cent since 1990, the country remains unprepared for climate disasters and recent subsidies for the oil and gas sector have not delivered promised emission reductions, according to new reports from the federal government's chief environmental watchdog.

That damning verdict applies not only to past Liberal and Conservative governments but to the current government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"Canada was once a leader in the fight against climate change. However, after a series of missed opportunities, it has become the worst performer of all G7 nations since the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted in 2015," said Environment and Sustainable Development Commissioner Jerry V. DeMarco in a media statement.

Yeah, that's Justin Trudeau he's talking about, Canada's greenwasher in chief.  This bullshit artist has been in power since 2015 and the "landmark Paris Agreement."  On Justin Trudeau's watch Canada has become the worst performer of all G7 nations.  The Worst.

"We can't continue to go from failure to failure; we need action and results, not just more targets and plans."


  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ontario-climate-change-doug-ford-carbon-emission-targets-1.6259637

    Don;'t expect any help from 40% of the country.

  2. Here's Canada's oil production up till 2019, anyway:


    We were at 2.95 mbpd of good old targoo, plus 1.5 mbpd of the regular shit. Fourth biggest producer in the whole wide world. And lookee here, using the cunning device of a ruler, since NRCan is but a shy bureaucracy and can't provide decent graphs or even a grid or a table, I see that Notley presided over an increase of about 1.0 mbpd of targoo from her election in 2015 till her defeat in 2019. In round numbers, a 50% increase. That tallies with another source that said 47% I found last year. God knows what kenney is pumping these days besides out-and-out flaming horseshite.

    So as a country, we're a bunch of flaming hypocrites on CO2 emissions all right. And 98% of our "ethical" (as kenney lies about it) oil exports goes to the USA. No wonder Twinkletoes galloped off to Glasgow COP26 and tried to baffle them all with bullshit from Day One. He's a vile little turd.

    Trudeau, Notley and kenney all speak with forked tongue. Liars all.

    I'm sorry to say I believe rumleyfips is trying to change channels on Trudeau. Let's blame Doug, he says. I dunno -- does Ontario produce oil? I see rumleyfips often does the rah-rah-rah-skip-to-my-Lou on that demented fool Simon's website comments, where dear Justin ranks as equal with the angels in heaven. If I'm wrong, defend yourself, sir. I can take being corrected.

    When you have the Libs, Cons and Dippers all lying like troopers in collusion, but downplaying reality to citizens out of the other sides of their corrupt faces and going on about the environment, there is zero hope for the future. Simple as that. And with the new twinned TMX and the other major hypocrite Horgan's CGL LNG export feeder pipeline a-building, these people are leading us straight down the garden path to destruction.

    1. Many thanks for the link, Bill. Your conclusion, I fear, is on the money. Tory, Liberal, New Dem - they'll all happily sell out our people and their naive constituents. Trudeau knows what we want to hear and lays that on thick but it's greenwash of the very worst kind. He disgraces his father every time he dons Pierre's buckskins.

      As for Simon and his followers I've written them off some time ago.

      It is six years now since the newly minted prime minister and his Enviro-Min McKenna strolled onto the floor of the Paris climate summit to proclaim "Canada's back." Since then our GHG emissions have gone up, we're the worst in the G7 and our Liberal government has shelled out billions for a pipeline the private sector won't touch.

      I suppose Rumley is trying to deflect blame by pointing his finger at Doug Ford but, with the leadership the premiers see coming from Ottawa, what else can we expect? Hypocrisy has become the lingua franca of our governments, federal and provincial.


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