White Power, White Privilege, White Nationalism - What About White Christianity?

We've heard of white power, white privilege and white nationalism. What about "white Christianity."

I stumbled across a great website by Erna Kim Hackett, a Korean-American sometimes Christian pastor who left the church and now finds herself at the "junction of Christianity and social justice."

As a contentedly lapsed Christian I still find it refreshing to read her essays. Especially on today, Sunday.

White Christianity is discussed in Chuck Thompson's "Better Off Without'Em." The author looks at the role of megachurches in perpetuating segregation in the southern states. These churches are racially divided. Most are for whites. Blacks have their own.

Whites, says Thompson, flock to white mega-churches.  The church also operates elementary and secondary schools for its members. White southerners often go to white megachurches and their white kids wind up in white church schools. Problems solved.

It's difficult to imagine that a Christian church today could facilitate segregation but they do. 


  1. from memory
    there are about 110? aspects of the whore of babylon discernable from the bible
    the united states of america checks off more than 100
    there are also over 100 commands for christians to feed the poor

    1. Christianity is honoured more in the breach, Lungta. I never learned much about the Whore of Babylon but I understand some fundamentalists consider it a reference to the Roman church.

  2. Christianity, as it is practised in Amerika, is a sad parody of what religion should be, Mound. All churches, of course, are human creations, but the worst of humanity is on display in far too many of them today. Instead of cultivating the best in us, they often seek to bring out the worst in order to fill their seemingly insatiable collection plates.

  3. American 'christian' evangelism is being successfully exported to both South America and Africa, where it would seem intolerance is rising.
    In Canada , Steven Harper tried to impose his evangelistic views upon unsuspecting Canadian voters; it thankfully failed and Harper was gone.
    Whilst US political wannabees voice support of the USA God many others around the western world generally hide such feelings.
    The UK's Tories are generally supportive of religion as was the born again Catholic , Tony Blair and look what he left the world?
    The Abrahamic faiths have much to answer to ; their faith in money and capital being their most their disruptive desire.
    Belief in the great spaghetti monster in the sky has to be confined to the household and not be a part of modern day decision making.



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