Same Old, Same Old?


Don Ivison is calling the election for the Trudeau Liberals. He figures we'll be back where we were before the writ was dropped.

O'Toole dropped the ball on the climate issue. He, after all, pledged to drive through a second bitumen pipeline, the Northern Gateway. Trudeau is only inflicting one pipeline, the southern Trans-Mountain. Yippee.

Trudeau has also had the benefit of Maxime's unruly degenerates. Canadians, it seems, find them repulsive. Quelle surprise!

How long will another minority government last? We live in volatile times.


  1. I find recent polls very interesting, Mound. It looks like we are headed for a minority government, quite possibly with the NDP holding the balance of power. If it turns out that way, Singh will have to put up or shut up. As well, I do wonder who will take Trudeau's place, after he is deposed. Will it be the shiny new object, Mark Carney, or will it be Chrystia Freeland?

    1. Do you think the knives will be out for JT, Lorne? Freeland has all the charisma of a wet squib and I'm not convinced Carney would be eager to take over. That's the problem with politics today. The A-list talent doesn't seem interested.

      I think O'Toole could be in peril for offending the Reform base by going left in the campaign. His appeasement platform (gun control, reproductive rights, climate change) are not popular with the redneck contingent. He has offended the high priests of the wildrose temple.

  2. Looks like we will be back to the same old minority!
    With good luck we will now rid ourselves of Trudeau and O Toole.

    FFS , lets look forward to some politicians that can think outside of the box!


    1. I was speaking with an old Tory friend tonight. He was with the Bob Stanfield team when he got out of law school in Ottawa and he has a line of friends, mainly retired judges, from the Maritimes to B.C.

      We talked about whether Trudeau or O'Toole could face the axe after the election. He doesn't think either party has the depth in their respective caucuses to fill the leadership spot.

      What he's hearing is that Mark Carney is interested but only if he's annointed. Carney, I'm told, isn't interested in a contested nomination. He fears the Tories might settle for Poilievre and set themselves back another decade.


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