Oh Please, Now Can You Release Those Hostages? Please?


Meng Wanzhou is expected to make a virtual appearance in a U.S. court to enter a guilty plea to some sort of plea-bargained charges today.  The Hwawai CFO has been living in luxury on house arrest in Vancouver since 2018 as her lawyers fought extradition proceedings that would have delivered her to American authorities.

Apparently the deal is she'll pay some sort of fine and be on her merry way.

Meanwhile the two Canadians Beijing nabbed as hostages, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, remain in some Chinese hellhole. Spavor has been sentenced to 11 years for "espionage." Kovrig has yet to be sentenced on his trumped up charges.

It sounds like an ideal time for a prisoner exchange. Out in the open, at Vancouver airport. The Chinese send a plane with the hostages. We get them back. The Chinese get Meng Wanzhou and fly her merrily home.




    1. No matter who the Chinese nabbed Climenhaga could have probably written much the same.

      As for his reference to the International Crisis Group he really should do a little background reading. After she left as chief prosecutor at the ICJ, Louise Arbour headed the ICG for several years. I've been following the Crisis Group for many years and have yet to see any sign that it's the front Climenhaga imagines.

    2. And yet there is a total media blackout in Canada about these two guys.

    3. Is there, NPoV? I've not heard of it.

    4. Well, NPoV, the mystery is solved. As Meng's plane lifted off to ferry her back to the Red Rogue State, another aircraft left the People's Republic heading east with the hostages. You don't have to cast bones and read entrails to figure this one out.

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