Can the Greens Ever Come Back?

Whether she stays on or takes the honourable route and leaves, Green leader, Annamie Paul, may have dealt her party a lethal blow.

Ms. Paul not only lost her third bid to take her Toronto-Centre riding, she came in fourth place with 8.5%  although she handily trounced the PPC candidate (2.5%) and the Animal Protection Party's Peter Stubbins (0.2%). 


  1. takes the honourable route

    A. Paul? LOL

    Based on the petulance and intransigence we've seen so far, this ain't gonna happen.
    But she's wet toast in any case.

    The others?
    Jr. gets to go when he wants. The current Lib party is his, lock, stock and two smoking pipelines. (Perhaps he is itching to launch a cosplay reality show with his photogenic phamily.)

    O'fool: He doesn't have the O'scheer baggage but CTV had Jenni Byrne on telling us that CONs only win when they are CONs, not Lib-wanna-bees. She and her boss could woo Mad Max to lead a re-united CON party. They could even get Peter McKay to run first on a solemn promise to protect themselves from the purple people ... etc etc ;-)

    Could he be the Tommy Douglas of the 2020s? The dips had Lester Pearson to play with back in 1965, so I don't think Jagmeet can be Tommy. What is the dipper role under fptp? imo: stretch the Overton window to the left and use minority-Parliaments and committees to get better outcomes. Jagmeet should demand pro-rep-progress as a pre-requisite for the blank-cheque support he gave last time, and leave it up to the Bloc & CONs to prop-up Jr.

    1. Explain to me, NPoV, the flaws in the preferential ballot option? I know the True Left don't like it but that suggests to me it may have real merit.

    2. "preferential ballot"
      Are we talking "ranked ballots", "instant runoff", "alternative vote" ?
      So many monikers (part of the problem) but I'll assume we are talking the same thing which I'll label "AV" here for clarity.

      I've long been a supporter of AV, so this is not my position but when I do get into it with pro-rep folks they say: "AV only works well for singular positions (like mayor, president) and when used in parliamentary elections it makes things worse" and then they point to Australia.
      I think that people who make predictions about novel electoral system outcomes based on the patterns of fptp are misguided.

      From Abacus Data/Sept. 19, 2021/n=2431, this is interesting:
      Those Who Would Consider Voting For:
      NDP: 52%
      LPC: 51%
      CPC: 43%
      BQ (QC): 42%
      GPC: 27%
      PPC: 18%

      This tells me that Jagmeet should call Jr's bluff and go for AV.
      If we were to implement AV then we should revive the per-vote subsidy and reward first-choice votes (ie award it proportionally).

      While I also support pro-rep, I am weary that the battle to explain it, seems to result in lost referendums here. AV with pro-rep funding could be a step on the way to a mature pro-rep system.

    3. We've had two referenda, haven't we? All it taught me is that Canadians fear change.

  2. Canadians like choice and inclusiveness and the vote, again , shows it.
    The unnecessary election showed that we are a diverse nation that in the end game can and will, again, work together.
    That the media stokes us up on oft foolish and divisive 'news' items that are designed to inflate ratings whilst playing coy with the truth.
    Whilst no Canadian political party is going to vote for an alternative to first past the post, we just got, as near a possible, to just that.
    I am disappointed with my party of choices performance ;' at the end of the day, justice was done in a fair and honest election.
    Can you for one moment think of how such a outcome to a federal election would have gone down in the USA?

    Warts and all, we live in the best place in the world.


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