What a Difference a Generation Can Make


Justin Trudeau skipped another campaign appearance today over security concerns, this time in Bolton, Ontario.

Dozens of angry protesters, who outnumbered Liberal supporters, gathered near the Bolton rally and began chanting obscenities before Trudeau could make his address.

Trudeau said the event was cancelled because they couldn't ensure people's safety at the event.

He added that he has never seen this level of anger or intensity on a campaign trail, including his time as a kid when campaigning with his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

"I think this is something that Canadians, all of us, need to reflect on, because it's not who we are," he said.

This has to rekindle memories of another campaign event, 53 years earlier, when newly minted prime minister Pierre Trudeau was vowing to fight Quebec separatism.  Trudeau the Elder took a front row seat overlooking a St. Jean Baptiste parade in Montreal.  A riot ensued. Other officials fled as rioters threw rocks and bottles. Security tried to usher PET to safety. Instead, he shook them off and returned to his seat, defiantly staring down the rioters.

It may be unfair to compare father to son. Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way, we may never know his kind again.

On a different note, what does it say for our society that election campaigning can be derailed by vulgar mobs out to disrupt such events? Should a gaggle of anti-vaxxers be given the power to attack our democratic process? Are we heading for Trump-style rallies held with screened audiences in airport hangars?

I don't have a lot of time for anti-vaxxers, especially with the spread of the Delta variant. Their flaccid arguments are dispelled when we look to what's happening in America's slave states where their ilk hold sway and their hospitals struggle to cope with the aftermath.  These people are a public health menace - period.


  1. With his ridiculous, early election that nobody wanted, Jr. seems to have opened Pandora's box.
    Who-da thunk it, eh?

    1. Back in 2015 I had such high hopes that we might see progressive government again, wiping out the stain of Stephen Harper. All I wanted was a glimmer of the vision for Canada we found in this prime minister's father. Had he only fulfilled one campaign promise, electoral reform, it would have been enough and an invaluable benefit to the nation.

      This election is all about power, not improving the country. And we may wind up with a Tory government for it. If O'Toole somehow wins, the blame will rest squarely on Justin Trudeau.

      Perhaps someone far more capable and experienced such as Mark Carney could succeed JT. He has a firm grip on both the economy and the climate crisis. We could use a little A-list talent right about now.


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