Not While They're Holding Two Canadians Hostage.


A Chinese state-owned shipyard has been given an order to build a 1,000 passenger ferry for an unspecified Crown agency. Has Trudeau lost his mind? Has he forgotten about Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig who have spent 989 days in rotten Chinese prisons on trumped up charges even our government calls "hostage diplomacy."

The ferry is expected to sail a Nova Scotia to N & L route.

It's outrageous that Trudeau would even consider this deal while these hostages remain behind Chinese bars. 


  1. Yes. Release our spies.

    Climenhaga is the only blogger or journalist with the integrity to question this worship of 'the two Michael's.

  2. Okay, NPoV, here's a question. Name three Canadian spies. Surely the Soviets and Warsaw Pact would have nabbed a few of them over all those decades?

    From what I know, Canada never established a spy service unlike the US, Soviets, Brits, French or Chinese. With Canada's perpetually strained defence budget we never had enough for tanks or ships or fighters and would have been hard pressed to fund a spy service. I did, however, once know the guy who ran Canada's counter-espionage branch of the RCMP.

    The diplomatic corps is the closest thing I can think of. Do I "worship" these hostages? Why would I. Is this the measure of Climenhaga's "integrity"? Surely you can do better than this, NPoV.


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