But What About the Syphilis?


Alberta's medical officer of health, Dr. Dina Hinshaw, thinks she's getting a bad rap for dismantling the province's Covid-19 public health effort.

She says lifting isolation requirements, asymptomatic testing and eliminating contact tracing will support the whole health of Albertans, by allowing the province to focus on other health threats, such as opioid deaths and syphilis.

She says isolation measures were incredibly disruptive and are no longer necessary with vaccine protection.

Wait a second. How rampant is syphilis in Alberta? Do we really want a bunch of poxed-up tourists flocking to our coast? 

And, Dina, you can chew gum and walk straight at the same time. All it takes is a bit of practice. Give it a try.


  1. .. It truly bothers me that taxpayer employees are not seeing the 'Science & Data that Kenney, Shandro & Dr Hinshaw based this latest strategy on. Obviously it's being suppressed by Jason Kenney. We are in the new context & reality of a Beta Varient, 1,000 times more transmit-able than the 1st virus according to Dr Fauci, who now fears an even worse & even more resilient & adaptable varient will spring from the infected unvaccinated masses. Meanwhile Kenney & Shandro claim Dr Hinshaw presented the new plan and they adapted it with no changes. Does that sound like it computes ? I smell coercion & that to make public the Science & Data would open them up to ridicule.

    I've read CDC's 'Information on Paediatric Covid for Practitioners' and it paints a bleaker picture.. Her Op-Ed the other day really accomplished nothing.. and Jason Kenney continues to call Covid - 'the flu'. Shandro is just a flunkie

    Suppression, secrecy, non transparency, manipulation & outright deceit are Kenney trademarks. We'll see how this plays out. It's now known that an inoculated but infected adult has as much virus in their nasal pharynx and a. Infected non inoculated person.

    Dr Larry Brilliant maintains the key to stopping a pandemic is 'Early Detection, Early Treatment. He and his team eradicated smallpox in India, so maybe he knows a thing or two & that team is still fighting polio in Pakistan. They go door to door missing nobody. I don't recall him ever saying 'learn to live with it'

    1. Kenney is a real peach, Sal. Like any ideologue he's reluctant to let facts get in his way. The way he demonized opponents of bitumen production as enemies of his province is proof positive of his blind partisanship. What province or state goes to war with its healthcare workers in the midst of a pandemic, especially when there's a country-wide shortage of nurses and doctors?

      If the people of Alberta have any concern for their province they'll show Kenney and his UCP the door in the next election.

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  4. The deification of Public Health officials was an interesting propaganda exercise during the first wave.

    1. The pols used health authorities because they had no choice. The credibility of the political caste, especially the Conservatives, had tanked. It resembles how US industrialists co-opted Big Tent evangelicals in the wake of the Great Depression. The parallels are pretty interesting.

  5. Wait a second. How rampant is syphilis in Alberta? Do we really want a bunch of poxed-up tourists flocking to our coast?

    The poxed up covid denying Albertans are out in force in BC .
    So is covid; coincidence?
    Hinshaw has crossed the line of respectability and can no longer be accepted as a reliable source of medical information.
    She has gone from sock puppet to a spokesperson of denial.
    Perhaps she yearns for a promotion to a high paying job in Texas or Florida? who knows?
    At the very least we should be handing out condoms at the BC/ Alberta border.




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