Angus Reid - the Pulse of the Nation, Lib Lead Widens a Smidge

 Latest numbers from Angus Reid.

Good news for the Liberals. They still hold a 5 point lead over Erin O'Toole's Conservatives. It's a 35 to 30 per cent split, probably enough to give the Liberals a majority which, for Canadian democracy, is another failure, another false majority.

Better news. Climate change is the most important issue. It seems Canadians don't like breathing wildfire smoke or sweltering heat domes or droughts or floods or swarms of grasshoppers. The environment is a true "none of the above" issue.

On the economy, O'Toole has the edge although I can't imagine that this is pro-O'Toole rather than anti-Trudeau.

Of the ten core federal issues, Trudeau leads on just one - Covid 19.  When Canadians were asked to name their three most critical issues, climate change was first followed by health care, Covid-19, the deficit and affordable housing.

As expected, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are safely in the Conservative bag. The Libs have a commanding lead in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. British Columbia is a toss up with the LPC holding on to a slim lead.  Four out of five respondents claim to already know how they'll vote.  Liberal voters are the least committed of the lot. Oh yeah, Singh's NDP are the "second choice" frontrunner.


  1. Conservitives always lead on the economy, undeservedly, its just part of the brand they built over the years, just like the NDP dominates on Healthcare.

  2. In some ways the second choice question is far more important then who do you support, because who do you support is as Bob Ray says a glimpse of yesterday. On the other hand what is your second choice shows who could be waiting in the wings if the current leading party blows it, who has the most to gain. The potential for a new orange wave is still there, Trudeau must only make the right misstep while Jagmeet Singh needs to explout it when he does for everything to change.

  3. The myth of Conservative prudence and frugality lives on, Gyor. Many Canadians think of Pierre Trudeau as profligate but are oblivious to how much more debt was run up by Mulroney while the economy was booming.

    In the States, every post-war president, Democrat and Republican, reduced the national debt as a function of GDP right up until Reagan. When RR took power the US was the world's largest creditor nation. Eight years later the US was the world's largest debtor nation. Recall how Dick Cheney sold George w. Bush on a second round of tax cuts for the rich by maintaining that Reagan showed that "deficits don't matter."

    I have your point on the second choice. Singh seems to have a lock on that point but I don't consider him the draw that the NDP had in Jack Layton. We shall see.

  4. I just had a phone call from the local Green party , promoting a shindig in Nanaimo this weekend.
    I expressed my disappointment with the party and the invisibility of the local MP Paul Manly.
    I think the caller was sympathetic when I said I may spoil my vote this time around.
    Chances are that Trudeau will win an election with a very low voter turnout and then claim he has a mandate to do what the fuck he wishes regardless of consequence.
    These are dark times for politics and government no matter where in the world you live.
    The money people rule the day ,the take over is all but complete.
    When we idolise the billionaires that blast off into space more than we do front line workers, we have hit rock bottom.



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