B.C. Wildfires now Triple the Ten Year Average.


310,000 hectares burned. That's 200,000 hectares above the 10 year average for this point in the fire season.

Premier John Horgan has finally declared a state of emergency. Well, duh.

Wildfire expert Mike Flannigan at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops said Wednesday he is "scared" of this season, not only in B.C., but across the western United States as well.

"We still have another six to seven weeks of fire activity ahead of us and there's no relief in sight," he said.

A stark warning from the B.C. Wildfire Service:

The Service says strong winds are predicted to come up from the U.S., fanning the flames in the province's Interior over the next 48 hours. No moisture is expected, and the southeast could see another batch of lightning that could ignite more fires.

Horgan chimes in, asking vacationers to pack up and go home if possible to make more room for wild fire evacuees:

"So if you're going to be travelling to those areas, check with the local providers, check with whoever you booked accommodation with, and see what advice they're giving you. In the end, people will make their choices. That's entirely up to them. There will be closures in the backcountry. There are now and there will be more coming as fires continue to ignite.

"We have a bad stretch of weather ahead of us. We have winds picking up. These are all bad, bad, bad news."


  1. And I am watching a deep orange burning sun setting here in Halifax, with the faint smell of environmental destruction hanging in the still air. All the while, the latest plutocratic imposition on people is the forced Olympics in Tokyo. I'm a track and field fan, but that nonsense in the middle of a pandemic is too much.

    I guess it's almost time to grab my ankles, put my head down and wait for the crash. There's not much hope left. And the Green Party is taking Anamie to court over the arbitration decision with which it cannot agree.


    1. Bill, all I can say is that we have to look beyond ourselves. It may cost us a lot but we have to help our grandkids and their kids weather their storm. We know what some of that involves. Check out Dark Mountain.

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