Yeah, They're There. No, We Don't Know What They Are.


That sums up the blockbuster report on "unidentified aerial phenomenon" that have been seen, tracked and recorded zipping through US airspace.

The US government has said it has no explanation for dozens of unidentified flying objects seen by military pilots.

A Pentagon report released on Friday says of 144 reports made about the phenomena since 2004, all but one remain unexplained.

It does not rule out the possibility that the objects are extra-terrestrial.

Congress demanded the report after the US military reported numerous instance of objects seen moving erratically in the sky.

The Pentagon then established the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force last August to look into the reports.

Here's your problem. If you acknowledge these phenomena are zipping through your sensitive military airspace but you don't know what they are and you have shown that you can't keep up with them much less control them, then you don't have secure control of your airspace and, if you don't have air dominance then who does?

UAP "probably lack a single explanation", the report said. Some could be technologies from another nation like China or Russia, others could be natural atmospheric phenomena like ice crystals that could register on radar systems, while the report also suggested some could be "attributable to developments and classified programs by US entities".

The idea that perhaps China or Russia have technology that allows them to penetrate US military airspace - that's a bit unsettling. The report mentions that these UAPs may present a threat to American national security. 

Oh dear. 


  1. Really, the report adds up to a big lot of nothing. Most of this information was already in public view, I believe.

  2. 144 sightings, 1 explained. 143 not a clue.

  3. It isn't as if the USAF Project Blue Book/Condon Committee hadn't came to the same conclusion about UFOs over fifty years ago. They have to update it for today's masses. Mark Rubio worries it could be the Russkies or Chinese threatening Mom and Apple Pie, shake, quiver -- he's obviously a history nut and researched the subject in depth. But it's hard to get too excited when the phenomena never shoot at you, before retreating to their undiscovered hidden base in an unknown lush valley of Antarctica where palm trees grow and monkeys eat bananas. I have some Time-Life book or other from decades ago that illustrates unexplained aerial phenomena going back millenia with plates of paintings showing people gesturing at objects in the sky.

    Nothing like a good crop circle where human japers can't be tied to them, or a burnt grass landing patch where the alien ship landed and took off after kidnapping Jim Smith and then gave him a tour of the galaxy while they monitored his vitals with a FitBit and a cattle prod. Just when was that movie, Strange Encounters of the Steven Spielberg Mind?

    All that said, I've seen a nice big one. Was about 35 years ago following a barbecue at my parents home. Lovely dark warm late evening and everyone else had gone inside, but I remained outside to soak up the air. An EPA 737 glided noiselessly across the sky only about 1000 feet up, heading for the Trenton NS airport. The wing and fuselage markers were there and some other lights. Thought it must be an emergency landing for a Halifax to Charlottetown flight, and knew the airport was only a 4000 foot strip. Anyhow, no bangs or crashes. Did see an aircraft much higher up a few minutes later on the same heading. Nothing on the excitable local radio station later about it. Next day, no reports of unusual landings. Could have sworn it was a 737 by the shape contrast with the night sky. Hmm. Didn't even alarm me at the time. Something happened. But what?

    1. I've known a few people who have had sightings, Bill. At least we seem to have arrived at a point where they can no longer be written off as lunatics.

  4. .. One must consider Rocky the Flying Squirrel ..

    On another note.. I was playing touch football with a group of football buds who were easily described as bright lads. One of them exclaimed 'look at that' and we followed his gaze in time to see a 747 and I believe a 727 pass each other midair..

    I'm not unfamiliar with aircraft regs over metro Toronto ..
    Not one of us that late afternoon could say which aircraft was higher or lower but they were at about lower than 2,000 feet we agreed. We could read the airline logo and see rivets in the fuselages, passenger faces. We were awestruck as they blew past each other at right angles.

    I followed up with misc Air Transport & reports as did a few of my buds
    Nothing.. Not a thing, not a mention of a near catastrophic miss

    The system closes ranks ..
    Never happened .. ? So 8 of us imagined it ?

  5. As they used to say on the X Files: "The truth is out there."

  6. .. We saw no seperation
    It was a miracle they didn't rain down at Lawrence and Avenue Road and Havergal private girls school - it was Tenarife without the crash. But the point was they closed ranks. I had deep airline connections and so did some of the other guys who'd been astonished at the near t-bone but we let it slide.. after some brief probes.. This was about 1981 and we had a great view from the center of the Havergal field hockey pitch

  7. Oddities,
    Trump creates "Space command" with guardians no less.
    He then asks for UFO disclosure.
    Then he adds, for Covid, operation warp speed!!
    Question is Trump spaced out?

    I should add that certain US politicians are calling for the issue to be of national security which is code for more defence spending.

    Chances are that ,yes, there is life out there.
    I have to cling to that belief as there is little of it that can go beyond the carbon age on earth.


    1. These are questions that, if they're answered at all, will await future generations, TB.

  8. Mound .
    In my life it is the unanswered questions that trouble me. particularly those where one would reasonably expect an answer is available.



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