Three Consecutive Days. Three All-Time Canadian Heat Records

Lytton, B.C., a town on the Fraser Canyon, went into the record books on Sunday when it hit 46.6 degrees Celsius. Lytton went into the record books again on Monday by peaking at 47.9 C. Lytton went into the record books for the third time in three days today with 49.6 C. Three for three.

Before this week, the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada was 45 C in Saskatchewan in 1937.

This week's heat wave has blown that previous record away. On Tuesday alone, seven locations in B.C. met or exceeded the 45 C mark, including Lytton, Cache Creek (47.4 C), Grand Forks (45 C), Kamloops (47.3 C), Kelowna (45.2 C), Lillooet (46.7 C) and Osoyoos (45 C).

Fortunately, we have a federal government that has proclaimed a climate state of emergency exists in Canada. Unfortunately it's the Trudeau government.

“The danger rating in the Kamloops fire centre is high to extreme which is because of this hot and dry weather so obviously that means we're at a high or extreme risk of fire which poses an obvious threat to spreading growth,” said Madison Smith, a fire information officer for BC Wildfire Service.

The heat is also taking a toll on firefighters.

“Our fire crews are working in some steep terrain, working really hard… so the crews have been told to take more frequent breaks meaning every 30-60 minutes, try to find some shade if possible, obviously drink a lot of water,” Smith said.


  1. Seniors are dying of the heat in BC.

    But dying alone in a heat wave is "part of life', eh John?

    Perhaps we'll hear fewer more smug remarks about the French heat wave of a few years ago.

    1. Three days of sweltering temperatures in the upper 30s had me wondering how much longer I would last, NPoV.

      I put my beagle in the shower because he was plainly in distress. He fought it at first until he felt the cold water and then his attitude changed. The next day I walked into the bathroom without even calling him. When I turned around there he was, ready for another relieving soaking.

  2. If you don't believe in hell, this should force you to re-evaluate that conclusion.

    1. I was talking with a doctor yesterday. He was born in Pakistan to a relatively well-to-do family. He said that two places in his parents' vicinity had reached "wet bulb 35," where high heat and high humidity kill even a healthy young person at rest in the shade. You just cook from the inside. That is hell on Earth.


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