Of Course It's Dysfunctional, Junior. You Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.


Yeah, Sure.

Building the case for an early election, prime minister Trudeau today complained that parliament is afflicted by "toxicity" and "obstruction."

Hard to tell what he's complaining about. Toxicity and obstruction are inherent in a first-past-the-post electoral system where something over 30 per cent can land you a minority and you can come in well shy of 40 per cent with a robust majority. If you want parliamentary toxicity, rule a country without the consent of three out of five voters.

That's the system this prime minister vowed to end - right up until it gave him a "false majority." Once that lobster was in the pot, electoral reform lost its allure to Mr. Trudeau, solemn promises be damned. Dysfunction returned to parliament for there is no more apt description for a patently undemocratic, false majority government.


  1. The father was a historic PM leading Canada into a cultural transition into the modern world while the son is a hopelessly status-quo footnote cipher, whos biggest achievement will be 'competence' at managing an pandemic.

    As different as their role and impacts are, their political careers are following a similar pattern:
    1968/2015 Trudeau mania.
    1972/2019 Buyers-regret-minority spanking.
    1974/2021 Grudging majority support?

    1. That's a fine analysis, NPoV. Of course PET was prime minister for fifteen and a half years and he had a better grade of Tory opponents than Scheer and O'Toole. And, as you point out, PET did transform the country culturally and politically (Charter of Rights, patriation of the Constitution).

      Pierre had three sons, two that were of similar intellectual prowess, and a third, Justin.

  2. Trudeau has disappointed on many issues, Mound. But breaking his promise on electoral reform is -- and will be -- his greatest disappointment.

    1. To me, it's more than a disappointment, Owen. It's an unforgiveable betrayal and a blow to democracy.

  3. A certain Justin Trudeau groupie has been blaming the opposition for trying to force an early election.

    1. Hey, Thwap. Really? O'Toole wants to try his luck - sure. I just checked out the post you're referencing. Yeah.

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