Is This the Night of Reckoning for Annamie Paul?


The federal council of the Green Party of Canada will convene tonight to consider whether to show leader, Annamie Paul, the door.

According to party members with knowledge of the issue, the party's federal council will hold a vote on whether to trigger a complex 30-day process under the party's constitution.

If the council votes tonight to launch that process, it will meet again on July 15. If 75 per cent of council members agree at that meeting to let a leadership vote go forward, party members could then vote to remove Paul from office through a motion at an annual general meeting.



    1. Pretty good, NPoV, but still a little upbeat for a funeral

  2. Paul reacted badly today. After being told to have a joint presser with Manly, she appeared alone and aggressive. Nobody's gonna tell HER what to do is the gist of her, to my mind, BS. What a lot of rubbish, and she of course brought up the usual tropes about sexism and racism to dun the Green Excecutive Council's actions for having the temerity to call HER to account. And then blamed Trudeau for poaching Atwin.

    Scratch the Greens. Paul has ruined everything May built. Small-minded and parochial is not what's needed for a national leader. Atwin couldn't even get any replies to emails, because Paul apparently considered it below her dignity to respond. A minor despot running a corner store.

    "You haven't heard the last of me!" Squawk, bleat, gripe.

    Well, I'm not listening to her again. Waste of my time.

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