If You Wonder If You Got the Right Vaccine


Canada has pledged to donate 100 million doses of Covid vaccine but notice what is conspicuous by their absence.

The specific breakdown of the pledge was finally released Sunday by the prime minister's office. Much of the goal — 87 million doses — has already been paid for through the ACT-Accelerator, the global collaborative effort to develop and share COVID-19 vaccines.

Canada will donate an additional 13 million doses out of its planned surplus supply.

The majority of it (7.3 million doses) will be the Novavax vaccine, which has not yet been approved by Health Canada. There will be 4.3 million doses from the AstraZeneca-Oxford supply and 1.3 million from the Johnson & Johnson stream.

Novavax, check. AstraZenica, check. Johnson & Johnson, check.

Apparently we're not feeling all that generous when it comes to the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna.  But wait, they're all the same, aren't they? 


  1. Still pouting about the huge Canadian vaccine success story. ;-(

  2. Not at all, NPoV. Just pointing out a curiosity. Got any ideas?

  3. The same vaccine is preferred for the second dose.

  4. "For months now, noted American cardiologist and researcher Eric Topol has been keenly following the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines around the world. And he can't say enough good things about his northern neighbour's fast and sudden rise to the top." ~CBC

  5. More about the terrible failure of the Canadian governments to protect their populations.

    'Canada tops world in vaccinated population as new COVID-19 cases fall below 1,000'

    'The plummeting numbers come as Canada’s vaccination rate remains on an upswing. More than 400,000 doses are being administered daily, according to the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker — a rate of 1.11 doses for every 100 Canadians.'

    Got my AZ #2 yesterday at my local Safeway pharmacy. I arrived early and was finished before my actual appointment time. 68 new cases in BC yesterday.

    Abject failure, eh?

    1. Crow as much as you like, NPoV. Then tell me why many nursing homes are still the horror shows they were at the outset. They could have been brought under the Canada Health Act but they were left to the mercy of guys like Doug Ford. It's not as rosy as you suggest.

    2. Re: " many nursing homes are still the horror shows they were at the outset"

      no argument ... lots of pandemic problems via gov't failure

      but the issue at hand is vaccine success

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