Great. We're Burying a Family of Murdered Muslims. What to Do, What to Do? Oh, I know, "We're Interrupting this Programme for a Message on Anti-Semitism."


The optics may not be great but the Trudeau government is staging an emergency summit on antisemitism. WTF?

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs has been calling for an emergency summit, citing a "troubling rise of anti-Jewish bigotry" in Canada following the latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Jews in Canada and around the globe are being targeted for their identity and for expressing solidarity with their fellow Jews in Israel who were under attack from Hamas, a listed terrorist organization," the centre's president, Shimon Koffler Fogel, said in a statement Friday welcoming the summit.

It seems that Canadians have become a lot more aware of the plight of Muslims in Canada so let's play a different tune, the antisemitism waltz. It's a thinly veiled attempt to suppress legitimate criticism of Israel.

Those who fall for the Liberals' vile antisemitism smear should read Gwynne Dyer's recent column.

He writes that the liberal progressive Israel embraced by so many Canadians and our politicians is no more, hasn't been for a long time. Israel is a nation and a people of the far right and, for them, there's no going back.

Just before the Six-Day War, thanks to massive Jewish immigration from the diaspora, Jewish Israelis outnumbered the Arabs who had not been driven out in the 1948 war by around seven-to-one. That’s a comfortable majority, big enough that Israel could afford to let its Arabs have citizenship, the vote, all the usual democratic rights. And it did.

But after 1967 Israel ruled a far larger territory on which almost exactly half the population was Arab. More than half a century later it still does, and it doesn’t want to give that land up. But it cannot afford to give all those Arabs citizenship and all the rights that go with it, so the only solution is permanent subjugation of all its post-1967 Arab subjects. Only hard Right-wing Governments can do that and still be at peace with themselves, so that is what Israel has ended up with.

As former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said in 2017: “If we keep controlling the whole area from the Mediterranean to the river Jordan where some 13 million people are living, if only one entity reigned over this whole area, named Israel, it would become inevitably … either non-Jewish or non-democratic.”

Netanyahu’s solution to this dilemma is never stated explicitly, but a majority of Jewish Israeli voters understand and accept it. It is that the Arabs in the occupied territories will have to live under permanent military occupation, in order that Jewish Israelis may continue to live in a Jewish State that extends from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River

"Permanent subjugation." That's what's going on here and with the Canadian government's blessing. If you doubt that, even a bit, look at Canada's voting record on Palestinian issues in the General Assembly since the Trudeau Liberals came to power.

Not since South Africa have we seen such an apartheid state and Mr. Trudeau's response is to smear Canadians of conscience as anti-Semites.  Mulroney knew that apartheid is utterly evil and he stood up to both Reagan and Thatcher, to Canada's credit.

FFS, Liberals, this has been going on since 1967.  2021-1967 = ? That's 54 years we've been hearing the same fantasy, embracing it in our foreign policy.

All the Palestinians have to do is accept Israel and all their problems are over. That's crap and we've developed a taste for it.

Time will tell. There are people dying in Gaza who were born into subjugation. They've never drawn a breath as a free man.

Dyer explains why Israel won't accept a two-state much less a one-state Israel. Time bears him out, each and every time.

Liberalism that drew me to the party in the mid-60s is an artifact. Today's Liberals are a much less progressive party to what it was in the 60s. Progressive thought, to them, is great - for branding.  Form over substance.

Many praised Justin when, in 2019, he lost his majority to a hayseed political movement led by a guy whose CV was limited to a part-time summer job as a counter-clerk for a mom & pa insurance agency.
The alternative is nothing to swoon  over either.

Before Pierre Trudeau came to federal politics, he was a rebel. He was an intellectual, editor of Cite Libre. He manned the picket lines with his friend, Jean  Marchand. He was a resolute foe of Duplessis.
Mike Pearson saw this Quebec bike gang forming and brought them to Ottawa.

Lester Pearson's own biography is, on a global scale, rich. It was never really a question of would he win a Nobel Prize or when or for what.  The community of nations venerated Lester Pearson for championing peacekeeping.  For decades that was Canada's "thing."  Nobody did it better. We weren't afraid to fight and, from time to time, had to do just that.


  1. The Israel Lobby has invoked its right to equal and immediate time. Through whatever normal channels necessary, Trudeau has been told. He's a competent politician and he's recognized by his opponents as a very good campaigner, but I don't think he really knows what he's doing on any matter of policy. It seems as though he doesn't give anything a second thought, but his glibness on policy doesn't matter to the Canadians who support him. The best that I can make of him is that he isn't Harper. For a lot of voters, that's still enough.


    In the later years of its apartheid, South Africa had the moral and material support of Israel, but didn't have its Lobby. It might not have made much of a difference anyway. I'm not going to take anything away from Mulroney. He played Thatcher and Reagan as well on this question as he did the libertarian resources that helped him purloin the party leadership.

    1. "The best that I can make of him is that he isn't Harper. For a lot of voters, that's still enough."

      Yes, that sums up our predicament, John. Yet he almost got bumped by Scheer and who knows where O'Toole will stand when the writ is dropped.

      And thanks for pointing out that Israel did support late-stage, apartheid South Africa.

  2. Can you blame the Libs for this? After all it worked so well against Jeremy Corbyn.

    OTOH, this kind of thing mocks the recent choice of that principled member for Fredericton.

    1. I wonder how Jenica will deal with this, NPoV. Will she have to go mute as a Liberal backbencher?

  3. It will be very interesting to see what happens with Israel's policies if the Knesset today endorses the coalition that will finally see Netanyahu out of power. The wild card, it seems to me, is that the coalition includes an Arab party. If it is to be at all viable, this cobbling together of eight parties will have to take, at the very least, a less harsh approach to the Palestinians.

    This from the NYT:

    If Parliament backs the eight-party coalition on Sunday, it holds out the tantalizing possibility that Palestinian citizens of Israel, who account for about a fifth of the population, might play a more active role in politics, to unifying effect.

    1. If the past half-century is anything to go on, Lorne, the coalition, even if it does form government, will have a hard time finding consensus.

    2. "the ruling coalition looks like a bar scene in Star Wars "

      ~Juan Cole

  4. The needy Israel lobby is now hard at it in the US, let alone Canada, to address the loss of face op-eds in the US have caused them by criticizing their recent stupid over-reaction in Gaza. Even the NYT has had a bit of a go at them. Israel is not used to this.

    So, it's been full steam ahead on accusing people of being anti-semitic if they utter even minor criticism of Israel's excesses or show any sign of pity for Palestinians. Lose widespread belief in the fiction that Israel is 100% wonderful among the elites, and the country faces deep doodoo in the USA.

    Here in Canada, with the Kamloops discovery and the demonic obliteration tactic by a crazed racist in a pickup truck against a Muslim family, domestic events have sucked all the news oxygen out of the similar-to-USA Israel support response to media criticism of their Gaza over-reaction. Like any cheap politician and feeling very needy and unloved, there is thus a manufactured cry of "Us too, we're also being racially targeted! There's increased anti-semitism in Canada so we need an urgent priority summit to brainwash Canadians again". One looks around in vain to find overt anti-semitism in Canada at the moment. We have our own societal problems to deal with.

    These problems also expose in bright relief the 180 degree simultaneous Trudeau/elites crap policy on similar issues. In Canada it's all crocodile tears on Indian Residential Schools and the plight of our fellow Muslim citizens, while overseas we 100% blindly support the apartheid of Israel in 2021. Huh? We accept we were ourselves apartheid racists with First Nations for almost two centuries and sort of apologize, while unconditionally promoting the exact same policy and worse which Israel uses against Palestinians today. We are therefore, curs, louts and racists at the highest societal levels. All our federal political parties are complicit in these double-faced policies. None deserve my vote.

    The anti-semitism charges against Atwin are BS of course, just as they were against Corbyn after he expressed interest in the Palestinians' plight four years ago. Apparently being interested in Palestinians is anti-semitism. Utter bullshit. The Green leader Paul Who? Anamie has blown it and she was a total lightweight on Green issues in any case. A municipal councillor level lightweight with zero countrywide exposure on the environmental challenges we face. Nor the slightest sign of breaking out of an inner-city GTA PC mindset to energize Greens across Canada. A complete bust. Poor Atwin will now get to rub shoulders with the two-faced power crowd that constitutes the Liberals. I predict she will not be happy, but I understand her current confusion and need to escape a toxic Green Party environment -- she's young and still principled. She'll rapidly learn which side her new bread is buttered on -- the interesting question is what she'll do after that.

    I like your idea of spoiling my next federal ballot. Never considered that. I was just going to stay home and fume, but hell, why not protest instead?

  5. Thanks, Bill. I've decided on qualifiers for the next vote - "No" and "Fuck No" should do it. You're still voting, still performing your civic duty, but with a measure of honesty. What's the alternative - voting for an individual, party or platform you still can't support just because it's the least offensive? What does that do for the nation? Nothing.

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