First the Hot, Then the Wet


Upper Fraser in Flood

The record heat that struck much of British Columbia turns out to have a one-two punch.

The heat that buckled roads and sidewalks and sent seniors in their dozens to the morgue also worked its evil on the province's glaciers and mountain snow pack.

The Upper Fraser River and Chilcotin River are both expected to, or have already, exceeded their banks.

Temperatures in both regions, while forecast to cool on Thursday, are still well above normal.

McBride, B.C., located on the Fraser River in the Robson Valley, is forecast to reach 38 C on Wednesday and 31 C Thursday and Friday. The seasonal average is 21 C.

On Wednesday, emergency officials said the Fraser River is rising rapidly in the Robson Valley, as high heat melts glaciers and snow capped mountains between Prince George and Jasper, Alta.

Farmers are being told to get their livestock to higher ground. Some residents of the Robson Valley are sandbagging.


  1. When I first saw the Columbia Ice fields they were accessible not too far from the highway.
    Now site seers have to travel by specialised vehicles to reach them.

    Actually we need more of these unprecedented events, perhaps a disaster or two to strike home the urgency of climate change; oops Global warming.


  2. I think the most accurate term, TB, is 'climate breakdown.'

    1. positive feedback loop anyone?


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