A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Coming on the heels of consecutive days of record-busting heat, the Liberal government's latest climate report is nothing short of pathetic.

"There is abundant research indicating that current efforts to adapt are insufficient in the face of rapidly accumulating social and economic losses from current and future climate change impacts."

"Research also demonstrates that the window for taking action to reduce increasingly severe impacts is rapidly closing."

"Much of Canada's core public infrastructure is operating beyond its expected lifecycle and needs replacement or retrofitting."

"With the rapid retreat of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean and increased physical access to the region and its resources, the Arctic is now on the world stage."

Oh, good sir, do pray tell.

$1.9 billion annually in natural disasters. Check. Sea ice disappearing - who knew?  

1. Canada’s climate has warmed and will warm further in the future, driven by human influence. 

 2. Both past and future warming in Canada is, on average, about double the magnitude of global warming. 

 3. Oceans surrounding Canada have warmed, and have become more acidic and less oxygenated, which is consistent with observed global ocean changes over the past century. 

 4. The effects of widespread warming are evident in many parts of Canada and are projected to intensify in the future. 

 5. Precipitation is projected to increase for most of Canada, on average, although summer rainfall may decrease in some areas. 

 6. The seasonal availability of freshwater is changing, with an increased risk of water supply shortages in summer. 

 7. A warmer climate will intensify some weather extremes in the future. 

 8. Canadian areas of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans have experienced longer and more widespread sea-ice-free conditions. 

 9. Coastal flooding is expected to increase in many areas of Canada due to local sea level rise. 

 10. The rate and magnitude of climate change under high versus low emission scenarios project two very different futures for Canada.

This was three years in the making? Apparently no mention (that I could find) of the petro-state, bitumen or pipelines.  Quelle surprise.

734 pages of greenwash.


  1. Sam Carana posts:


    "Leaving, on a jet stream, don't know when I'll back again, Oh babe I hate to go"

  2. Soon, climate-change migration will find that only parts of North America will offer sanctuary, Mound. I predict the Americans will invade Canada and take over habitable areas with potable water sometime after we are gone.

  3. 25 dead of heat-related issues in Burnaby yesterday. That's the site of Trudeau's new, expanded and improved pipeline. How many met the same fate in other towns and cities over the weekend? That's the toll that's taken by today's government and its predecessors who have outright lied to us. Unmemorialized graves are bad enough. Putting our fellow citizens in graves today is much worse.

  4. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/new-canadian-temperature-record-set-in-lytton-b-c-tops-all-time-high-for-las-vegas-1.5489290

    This news item should do more than any think tank or expert days of gloom article to persuade the masses of what global warming looks like.

    That said i don't think it was universal front page news!

    Let's see what happens.

    Action again global warming has to come from the bottom/ roots , as it will not come from the top, which should by now be obvious.



    1. Your "bottom up" comment brings back the remark of former Potsdam director, Schellnhuber, at the momentous conclusion of the 2015 Paris climate summit. He said that, yes, it might be possible to hold warming to 1.5C but it would require the "induced implosion" of the fossil fuel giants. Schellnhuber knew that only a top down effort, i.e. government intervention, would result in deeply slashed emissions.


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