Where Was All the Outrage When Houthi Civilians Were Being Slaughtered?


The US and Canada back Israel. 

The US and Canada also back Saudi Arabia.

When Israel lowers the lumber on Gaza Palestinians we take to the streets in protest. Who those people are dying by the hundreds.

When Saudi Arabia waged a relentless aerial campaign against Houthi civilians it didn't raise more than a whimper.  I couldn't find recent figures but, as of the end of last December, the  death toll in Yemen was closing in on a quarter million, 131,000 of those attributed to "lack of food, health services and infrastructure."

The chief UN humanitarian official in Yemen, Altaf Musani, the acting Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, said “These senseless attacks, with so many children and women casualties, are horrific and inexcusable. Today, more families are grieving for children who died needlessly.”

This revives memories of Paul Martin's support for a Responsibility to Protect initiative whereby advanced nations would intervene with a powerful nation (such as our Saudi or Israeli allies) think it's a good idea to lay waste to foreign civilians and their communities.  The excuses are threadbare.


  1. There is seldom outrage when there are no natural resources up for grabs or a strategic military outpost.
    Shallow lot we are, educated and driven by a shallow media.


  2. We also back the dictators running Columbia against the uprising currently going on there. We back the right wing in Chile against the citizens who've just voted the dopes out. We backed the right against Morales in Bolivia, leading to a foaming-t-the-mouth woman dictator who told the savages to go back to the jungle. We support prep boy Guaido in being president of Venezuela. We back the Zionists, the dictators, in fact anyone our banks and mining companies like because they can avoid environmental laws and hire cheap labour in a dictatorship. The minute the masses decide social democracy is good, down comes Canada's hammer. Nobody reports it, but Freeland was a star at it, that and free trade deals that let neoliberal elitists overrule the law of our own land. Not a peep from the media. And if you think Assad used barrel bombs and Putin is a freak, that's just more of the same campaign to keep us like mushrooms. You can't be selective in the misinformation you ingest. We're freaks controlled by our big money people to "believe" certain things, and we're always told how great we are as Canadians.

    Your format is crap, I can hardly read the faint lines. Bold black text, please.


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