In the Runup to What Could Be Another Roe v. Wade Showdown, Another Iron Curtain Descends on Reproductive Rights in America

A couple of days ago we learned that the governor of Mississippi had signed into law a blanket prohibition against abortion after 15 weeks. 

Not to be outdone, the governor of another slave state, Texas, has enacted a six-week abortion ban. And it's wild.

Senate Bill 8 (SB 8), passed by both chambers of the Republican-dominated Texas legislature, bars abortion at six weeks of pregnancy with no exception for rape or incest, amounting to a near-total ban as most women are not aware they are pregnant at this stage. While a dozen states have passed similar so-called “heartbeat” bills – bans on abortion once embryonic cardiac activity is detected – none have yet been enforced due to court challenges.

Call In the Evangilantes

Unlike those measures, the Texas version absolves the state from enforcing the law. Instead it allows any private citizen the extraordinary authority to sue an abortion provider – they do not need to be connected to the patient or even reside in the same state, opening up the floodgates to harassing and frivolous civil lawsuits that could shut down clinics statewide.

In fact, any individual can sue anyone who “aids or abets” abortion care or someone who “intends” to help an abortion patient, a breathtakingly wide range of possible people and groups. While those who sue can collect a minimum of $10,000 if they are successful, those unjustly sued cannot recover legal fees. The anti-abortion law’s private enforcement provision is the first of its kind in the country.

“This law is so broadly written it could target not just abortion clinics and staff but anyone that volunteers or donates to an abortion fund or activist organization like ours,” says Aimee Arrambide, executive director of reproductive rights advocacy group, Avow Texas. “Domestic violence and rape crisis counselors who offer guidance, family members who lend money to abortion patients, a friend who gives a ride to an appointment, or even someone that provides an address to a clinic could also face lawsuits.”


  1. Its not about abortion or the rights thereof.
    it's about control!!!

    Do NOT underestimate the power of evangelical religions no matter their stripe.


    1. Spot on, TB. I confess to difficulty in accepting the abortion regime but I know a woman's body is her business. It is not our business to control.

  2. These abortion laws.
    Voter suppression.
    Media supporting fictional narratives.

    and now ...
    "Trump loyalists push to revisit 2020 election results around the country
    The most prominent example is in Arizona’s Maricopa County, but the ramifications of former president Donald Trump’s ceaseless attacks on the 2020 election are increasingly visible farther afield."

    'jumped the shark' comes to mind'
    as well as
    'longest undefended border in the world'


    1. Watching this unfold is a little grotesque, NPoV. Where is this heading, how does this end? Will these events you have listed at some point become components of a greater narrative about how America relapsed?

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