Is This Madness to You?


I came across an article yesterday about some guy in Texas whose pet tiger got out. Fortunately it was just a cub, still temporarily docile, and was quickly recovered  before being shuttled off to a wildlife sanctuary.

It was estimated there are upwards of 5,000 tigers private held in the United States.

Perspective. There are estimated to be 3,900 tigers in the wild, world-wide. 3,900 in nature. 5,000 as novelties. This seems like madness to me.


  1. I'm glad I read this. On second thought, I'll have to wait until somebody moves out to make enough room for the litter box.

    1. One lapse in attention, John, and your entire place could be the big cat's litter box - until someone said, "where's John?"

  2. Americans just love putting things in cages.
    it's the control urge!
    Mounds comment on the chain gang is testament to that.
    When will we concede to the fact that we love the US, free spirit but become quite miffed at it's exploitation of the world around it?


    1. TB, I loved the America I once knew, postwar America up to the turn of the millennia. Since then I've found it in some ways unrecognizable, almost alien. This seemed to occur when the Morlocks reached the surface to become the playthings of their Republican ringmasters. The more scrupulous Repugs imagined they could keep this horde under control but a few of them, the Treason Caucus, realized the mob could be put to other uses. I've seen how easily a large segment of the population can take the whole thing down. I had read about it in another country at another time but I never thought I would see it on Main Street America.

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