Those Who Play with Covid Fire Deserve the Consequences


It can be infuriating to read of these scofflaws who organize Covid parties or anti-mask rallies that, like moths to a flame, draw the village idiots to gather and expose themselves to the increasingly contagious virus.

Covid, of course, is highly transmissible. Those who defy public health requirements can put not only their health but those of innocents they subsequently deal with in undeserved jeopardy. A perfect example was last summer's Sturgis motorcycle rally where bikers not only became infected but carried the virus home.

Society may not have the right to compel people to accept vaccination but we do have the right to demand that they not pose a public health menace, worsening and prolonging this infernal pandemic.

A good place to start is with those who host Covid parties that lead to the deaths of partiers or, worse, others be charged with manslaughter.

People who break health rules by holding parties that lead to death from COVID-19 should heed the warning from a British Columbia judge about facing a manslaughter charge, legal experts say.

Prof. Lisa Dufraimont of York University’s Osgoode Hall law school said manslaughter charges stem from an unlawful act that causes death and a foreseeable activity that could cause bodily harm.

It seems eminently fair that we take these for-profit Typhoid Marys for an all-expenses paid party in the Greybar Hotel. We could even arrange a super-cell where they could mingle, mask free, with like-minded felons while they served their sentences. 


  1. I really like the good professor's idea, Mound; as well, your suggestion regarding their congregate setting upon incarceration warms my cold heart. It kind of reminds me of Sarte's observation: "Hell is other people," something the guilty parties would come to inevitably accept.

    1. I remember when I was a kid seeing a quarantine notice displayed on the front door of a house. It prohibited, on pain of some penalty I no longer recall, anyone from leaving or entering that home. This was done with most infectious diseases including cholera, typhoid and smallpox.

      We once didn't hesitate to protect the public.

      These people who host these parties or stage anti-mask or anti-vax rallies are a public menace and should be treated as such. The law is there. It's on the books. It needs to be used.

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