See, they are crazy. Tory MP Equates Covid Lockdowns with WWII Internment Camps.

And the Nutjob du Jour award goes to some dude named David Sweet, Conservative member of parliament for the riding of Flambo-Clusterf**k. 

The Tory shadow minister for international rights and religious freedom says Covid "ain't no thang." Sweet says there's no evidence that lockdowns work. He says they're the "greatest single breach of civil liberties" since the internment camps of WWII. Sweet says he's read "dozens of papers" (Facebook?) proving that lockdowns don't work.


  1. He should talk to Ted Nugent.

    1. Yeah, that sounds about right, Gordie

    2. Talk may be the wrong word Gordie. I suspect they use a series of grunts and farts instead.

  2. Prior to getting into politics Mr. Sweet was associated with the Work Research Foundation (now Cardus) and an executive member of Promise Keepers Canada. His wife remained associated with Cardus after he got into politics.

    From Wikipedia: "Cardus has its roots in a charity established in 1974 under the name Foundation for Research and Economics in Developing a Christian Approach to Industrial Relations and Economics, also known as the Work Research Foundation (WRF)."

    Go to:

    I don't know whether he has any formal or informal connection to the Religious Freedom Institute or the Anglosphere Project, but each of them would seem to be a good fit for his ideological disposition.

  3. Never mind Mr Sweet.
    He was elected!
    Speaks volumes of the electorate and their mindset.
    If we put them there in positions of influence it shows the flaws of democracy.


  4. Actually it's Flamborough as in Flamborough Yorkshire UK.
    As for his association with the ' Promise keepers' I bite my tongue.
    In my world a promise was, thankfully, quite the opposite of Mr Sweets .
    You get where Sweety is coming from here.
    Sadly he is not alone.
    Alberta suffers the Jaysus affliction more than most.


    1. I think I'm getting too old for guys like this. Each generation runs in to something and has to push back. Did I just say I'm too old for this shit?

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