It's a Matter of Supply and Demand

Pity the United States where they're awash in Covid-19 vaccines but can't drum up demand.

The proportion of the population who've received at least one dose is almost twice as high as in Canada, and it's 10 times higher for the fully vaccinated.

The vaccine supply in most states has ballooned to more than one dose per adult — that's allowed half of adults and nearly 40 per cent of the total U.S. population to have received a shot.

The big problem facing America is "vaccine hesitancy." Not surprisingly it's more acute in Red State America. 

Pity Canada where we have plenty of demand but we're dangerously behind on supply

President Biden is working to persuade more of his countrymen to be vaccinated. In Canada we're told to be patient. They'll get around to us - eventually, maybe. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

One government has over-promised. One government has over-delivered. Care to guess?


  1. The world is awash with Covid stories.
    As they say ; it's not over until the fat lady sings!
    At the moment she is barely putting on any weight..
    Let us not fool ourselves ; the Covid saga is far from over.
    We are witnessing denial, and outrage, frustration and apathy; the list is endless.
    The fact is Covid is re inventing itself faster than humanity can politicise it control it or profit from it.
    Covid has exposed the worst in 'humanity'.


    1. I expect you're right, TB. How we perceive Covid-19 a year from now may be far different from how we think of it today, one year in.

  2. I got my AZ shot at the local Safeway pharmacy when I just dropped by while shopping.
    (I called and cancelled my mass-vac appointment that I'd booked online.)

    Just slight pain in the arm for a day and very tired the next day. My wife had the same reactions plus nausea. So glad to be among the (partially) vaccinated.

    Seeing as Canada is 3rd in the G7 for vac-rates (after UK/US which 'coincidentally' manufacture the leading vaccines) I'd say we're doing OK. Esp in regards to (the Feds part) procurement - millions of doses languish in freezers ATM in Ontario, for example.

    The 3rd wave is not such much due to the failure (or speed) of the (Provincially managed) vaccine rollout. It relates more to our failures on track/trace & quarantine etc in phase 1 & 2.

    1. I won't argue, NPoV. I'll leave it to Andrew Nikiforuk to dispel your misapprehensions in his latest column in The Tyee.


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