First Dose, Second Dose, Third Dose, More...


Canada's Nobel Prize winning virologist, the University of Alberta's Dr. Michael Haughton, warned almost from the outset that Covid-19 is probably here to stay and, like influenza, might need annual vaccination.

Now the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, confirms Dr. Haughton's assessment. Covid vaccination may become an annual thing.


  1. I fear that in Ontario many will still be awaiting their first set of vaccinations when those who were first in line are due for their next one.

    1. John, I think we're already falling behind the power curve. The first wave was a costly and deadly lesson that we ignored. Until we sort that out there's no going ahead.

  2. I saw on the news about a week ago that some researcher in Canada was working on a generic vaccine for Corona viruses. She started around the time of SARS but her funding was cut after the outbreak subsided. In hindsight, cutting her funding was a collosal mistake...probably the worst mistake in recent history.

    I worked as a scientist and that is how funding for research works. The flavour of the day gets the money.

    1. That does sound typical, Gordie. In science, as in other critical areas, Canada needs to restore resilience. It's costly to be sure and in these days of everyday low taxes there's terrific resistance to funding these programmes but, as we've seen for the past year, you can pay most dearly for hesitancy.

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