Conservatives - a Bunch of Dangerous Know Nothings! Take Ibbitson's Word for It.

 I did a double take when I read the opening lines of John Ibbitson's latest column:

Conservative politicians are sometimes suspicious of advice coming from experts for good reason: The experts just want them to not be conservatives.

But sometimes, their suspicions cause them to ignore good advice. This may have led Ontario Premier Doug Ford to take actions that could doom his government. If so, it won’t be the first time.

Former premier Mike Harris’s determination to keep cutting regulations, despite the warnings of experts, contributed to the deaths of seven people in the town of Walkerton, and to the Progressive Conservatives’s defeat at the next election. Mr. Ford may face the same fate, and for the same reason.

So let's unpack Ibbitson's unintentional confession. Experts, those with knowledge and experience and invaluable advice, are rarely onside with conservative politicians.  The experts' knowledge, experience and advice is treated by conservatives as suspicious because it doesn't comport with their myopic ideology. Ergo, when it comes to emergencies such as this pandemic, Conservatives such as Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and Scott Moe are meatheads.

In fairness this failure is not limited to conservative ranks. You also see it at times in other parties' leaders, just not quite so often or so blatant.


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