Canada Tops US News & World Report Rankings of Best Country of 2021.


Remember, it's US News and World Report's pick. But, hey, we're Number One, we're Number One. Somehow that doesn't sound "Canadian."

Then again, south of the border, guess what they're flogging as a cure for Covid? Yeah, bleach. Apparently if you drink enough, it'll solve all that ails you

The appearance of a new marketing push out of Miami by peddlers of the bleach “cure”, often referred to as “miracle mineral solution”, or MMS, signals the FDA’s uphill struggle in trying to control the potentially lethal trade. Since the start of the pandemic, the federal agency has been clamping down on fraudulent products which claim to treat or cure Covid-19.

It has also been using its enforcement muscle to move against chlorine dioxide dealers. Last August, the FDA arrested Mark Grenon and his four sons, who were among the most prominent “miracle” bleach peddlers in the US.

Members of the Grenon family claimed to be “bishops” of the Florida-based Genesis II “church” that sold bleach under the guise that it was a “sacrament”. They remain in jails in Miami and Colombia awaiting extradition to the US facing charges of conspiracy to defraud the US and to introduce a misbranded drug into interstate commerce.

I wonder if Trump is collecting royalties.


  1. If you drink enough bleach, it will surely kill the virus...and you!

  2. "we're Number One, we're Number One."

    shhh - it will just encourage those smug dinks who wear the maple-leaf when abroad

    1. I've been noticing a troubling shift to nationalist jingoism, NPoV, the sort of thing we once shunned.

  3. P.T. Barnum's observation about humanity is on ample display here, Mound.

    1. "P.T. Barnum's observation about humanity "

      huh? do you mean:
      A sucker born every minute?

    2. Maybe this will be our introduction to "culling the herd", Lorne.


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