Canada Suspends Air Travel With India


After giving the public false assurances that our government had the Indian Covid threat under control, the feds have announced that flights from India and Pakistan will be banned for 30 days.

That took long enough. Long enough for the Indian variant to reach Canada.

It's been known for several days that a double mutant and possibly a triple mutant variant had emerged in India. It has been reported that these variants may be antibody and vaccine resistant.

India is reeling from these variants, recording 200,000 daily infections about a week ago, 295,000 yesterday and 314,000 new cases reported today.

Yesterday the prime minister, Narendra Modi, delivered a speech in which he decried the idea of lockdowns. Today, India's Supreme Court ordered the government to produce a "national plan" to ensure adequate supply of medical oxygen, essential drugs and a method of widespread vaccination.


  1. India like Brazil is a basket case .
    Modi, Bolsonarno and their mini me's, Canada's Ford and Kenny represent the same philosophy.
    The end result will is that we will ,likely, not see the end of covid for the foreseeable future.
    Covid has turned the world upside down and downside up!
    All our metrics are now null and void.


    1. I have heard others question whether we will ever return to the pre-pandemic world as we knew it. All I can say in reply is I don't know and I don't know anyone who does. We do seem to be setting ourselves up for a nasty fall by relentlessly encroaching on the wilderness and the creatures that live there. We've known for decades that there are organisms in the rainforest that are alien to us, some of which can enable us to create new substances, even medicines and some which can savage the human species. Yet, in our quest for ever more, we have ignored those warnings exposing ourselves to new viral contagions, collapsing biodiversity, even putting ourselves on the path to a sixth mass extinction.

      These are very destructive habits we simply cannot give up. We refuse to live in harmony with our ecology, our biosphere, Spaceship Earth. We are so deluded or arrogant as to think we can make everything right if we just get carbon emissions under control. No one links the climate crisis to other, equally existential threats we're facing. We are, in effect, writing our own fate.


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