The Stammering Man


You don't have to be a critic of Justin Trudeau to know he stammers. The disjointed cadence, the constant search for words. He does it, a lot. He does it when he's lying, again, a lot. He also does it, sometimes, when he's gilding the truth or when he doesn't want to answer questions or when he wants to justify something unpopular or just plain wrong.

This is not stuttering and I doubt it's some form of early onset Tourette syndrome. 

You might think a fellow born into a political family, raised by the most revered prime minister of the postwar era, in the Liberal front bench since entering politics in 2009 and prime minister of Canada since 2015 would be more adept at speaking in the House or in interviews or on the hustings. But no, he remains a reticent president, our hesitant prime minister.

Does this have anything to do with his lack of vision, his inability to do the bold thing when it's the right thing? I won't revisit his scandals here, the low-hanging fruit. Most governments have them, think Brian Mulroney's "On the Take" Conservatives or the Chretien government's Sponsorship Scandal. Paul Martin perhaps wasn't around long enough to generate anything seismic but he wound up having to wear Jean Chretien's handiwork. Harper had several, mainly rooted in ideology or incompetence or some mixture of both. Justin has had the touchy-feely scandal, the Jane Philpott/Justice Minister Jody fiasco, SNC Lavalin, KPMG - lapses. Ignore all that.

I want to know if the stammering betrays something more worrisome, a willingness to place  party political fortunes ahead of the best interests and dire needs of the country, of the Canadian people. Is the stammering a manifestation of this man's weakness or his leadership? 


  1. "... a willingness to place party political fortunes ahead of the best interests and dire needs of the country, of the Canadian people."

    Well, Mound, while Trudeau's stammer may be a unique tell, the above quotation from your post seems applicable to most politicos these days.

    1. It is a contagion that has swept through parliaments and legislatures in what we considered the bastion of democracy and good governance, the Western world. This is a terrible time to have such feeble leadership.

  2. .. You a very bad man m'man Mound !
    Poor Justin has the 'uh ah umm' dread disease
    which is more contagious than COVID

    But in fairness, so does dear Jason Kenney now
    For Justin it's the old carpenter rule
    'Measure twice, cut once'.. fear of misspoken ness
    as what you say may haunt one for life
    a la Kenney's 'people of limited capital'
    re Seniors dying in droves in LTC

    But I ask as always being non partisan
    & despite critics refuting me..
    when I inquire red changing horses mid stream
    To whom ? O'Toole ? Singh ?

    Like him, love him, hate him..
    He's our current PM & he ain't Stephen Harper

    Ms Anand has handled the Procuring of Vaccine
    to the in extremis chagrin of (oof) or is it 'oaf' O'Toole
    late of the RCAF which he never navigated SAR for
    (One would think he served in 'the Nam', he's so heroic stoic)

    The Boss is steering her Mom & her main Client
    steady as she goes - twards gettin a vaccine banged home
    I fall just below the cusp o 70 year olds
    in the nether whirled of late 60 hippies

    I really don't give a damn
    Quite content to wait, be patient
    seize the moment after the moment
    There's far more deserving out there
    plus the needy greedy must be front o th line doinks

    We may yet emerge from the catastrophe
    and thus sally forth into the next one or ones
    'A'ho' as the Navajo or Lakota might say.. 'Amen' !
    Or 'All's well that ends well' as the Bard sez
    Or 'All's well that ends' as a very old friend sez

    1. No, Sal, as far as I'm concerned it's a pox on all their houses. I agree that Trudeau is preferable than O'Toole or Singh but, Jesus, that's setting the bar pretty low. As far as the vaccine business is concerned, I judge Canada by the records of other countries. Last I checked we placed well into the 50s and that's way below mediocre.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. . As far as the vaccine business is concerned, I judge Canada by the records of other countries. Last I checked we placed well into the 50s and that's way below mediocre..................

    I think there is much more to vaccinations than meets the eye.
    Without total disclosure of the facts we should be careful to where we cast our grievances.
    I am certainly no fan of Trudeau ; his decisions were made within the confines of a democratically elected government who's officials decisions are as likely sink or swim s ours are.
    Should we lay the problems at the feet of only Trudeau then we are looking for a benevolent dictator.
    My guess is that Trudeau and his staff made a decision to go with the lowest priced product and were out bid by other nations.
    An embarrassment, yes! but don't forget that Israels success was based on paying much more than anyone else for vaccines , giving the drug companies access to Israels health care system and ignoring the huge Palestinian population within their control!!

    I would challenge any nation to come forward with full disclosure with their dealings with the providers of vaccines for their nefarious actions now surpass those of the petro chemical industries.


  5. .. It's most important to beware, nay.. stamp all over 'partisanship' in the current COVID-19 setting. Partisanship has no place in the ICU, in LTC, in your family or community.. It deserves, nay, it must have 'no place in the lifeboat'

    That in mind (pulling on my oar) I decry the aspect of Canada in some sort of 'race' with other nations. The idea reeks of which Political Party leads the 'race' re donor dollars, war chests for elections. The factoids of vaccine purchasing are way over my head, as are the dynamics of research & vaccine peer study, approvals.

    If some folk measure Healthcare in terms of a 'race' well amen amen..
    I utilize different measuring tools.. 'turtle - hare'

    Communities - Society - Worldwide
    are in the ICU - even in the OR
    (Intensive Care Unit - Operating Room)
    We are getting throat punched by Mother Nature
    & she just warming to the task..

    We are finding out just how small the world is now
    how quickly & deadly virulent disease can travel & be
    How it can trash the almighty economy
    or ravage LTC

    Again I caution against 'a race' as any measuring tool
    even if that is the main crutch of Mainstream Media
    that they beat us over the head with


    I note a comment of mine was deleted by web admin
    If it was a double posting due to my aging devices Amen
    If it's a mild, polite or blunt ass kicking from Mound .. Amen too
    I can be most caustic in my dotage, even insolent !
    (I take no prisoners.. Why should he ??)

  6. Hey Mound just remember that the vaccination programmes are the domain of the Provinces and in Ontario Ford has fucked up again! Trudeau sent him vaccines and now he (Ford) has to implement emergency programmes to use the AZ bunch before the expiration date.

    Ontario has the worst vaccination record in the Country and people are still blaming Trudeau - fools!

    1. Ben:

      I suspect Ford believed all the reformatory crap about Trudeau not getting vaccines into Canada ever. He was pretty sure he needed to do nothing and now his gullibility is biting him in the ass. Cretien was happy to be underestimated and so is Trudeau.

  7. You disgusting old man. I know Trudeau lives in your head, and that you have suggested that he should be raped in jail. But now you are attacking him because he stammers? Do you know how many people stammer, and does that mean they are all liars? God almighty you are a sick old thing. I'm going to write a post about this, but in the meantime I suggest that you consider what you are becoming, and apologize as soon as possible....

    1. Sounds like Hannity attacking Biden.

    2. I had a prof at university who stammered when delivering lectures. Made him sound like he didn't know what he was talking about. However, one on one, he was eloquent and very knowledgeable sounding. Just throwing that out...not sure what it means, if anything.

  8. Courage -- politcal courage -- is hard to find these days -- anywhere.

  9. .. Might just be the most disgusting
    Simon post / retort of all time

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