Photo Op


Georgia governor Brian Kemp, surrounded by a gaggle of mainly old white guys, signs his state's new "Jim Crow" voting bill into law beneath a backdrop of the U.S. and Georgia flags and a lovely painting - of the Callaway plantation in Wilkes County where 100 slaves were once held in bondage.

White Power, Brian. White Power.


  1. This type of rethug idiocy has resulted in surges of black voting through the Trump fiasco. Motivation.

    1. I have always been mystified by America's corrupt voting system. What can't be gerrymandered is rigged by voter ID requirements, carefully restricted access to polls that cause voters to line up for hours, and these new enactments from Georgia. It makes a complete farce of the notion of a democratic republic.


  2. Visions of..

    old habits die hard.

    But let Canadians be be so smug; we have enough issues of our own with first nations.
    We do at least acknowledge first nations rather than, one nation under god! whatever that means


    1. There's an interesting history behind "one nation under god." It's the focus of Kevin Kruse's book of the same name. It's a story that has its roots in the Great Depression that led to a marriage of convenience between evangelical tent (revival) preachers and the titans of American industry, on through WWII and postwar paranoia about Communism and the southern church.

      Today in Washington attendance at prayer breakfasts is de rigeur for those with political ambitions or chasing campaign contributions. It is one more way in which Congress has become truly "bought and paid for" and thus undermines the final vestiges of the democratic republic.

      The only question I have remaining is whether the corruption of governance in the United States has crossed the point of no return. That's the question implied in the writings of those who predict some form of domestic unrest whether it manifest in terrorism, insurgency or outright rebellion.

  3. There is plenty of civil unrest in the US as it is.
    Even the regular mass shootings are a sign of a dysfunctional state.


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