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Canada is a member in good standing of the G7, the world's leading powerhouses. Yet, when it comes to Covid-19, we're a lowly 37th or 38th in terms of percentage of population vaccinated. Screwed up as the United States has been, they're light years ahead of Canada.

Justin's fan club are in overdrive trying to put lipstick on this pig.  It's just a glitch. No one's to blame, certainly not Justin Trudeau and his government, so we're told. Really?


  1. Our lack of vaccine production scandal is bi-partisan and 40 years old. As you know.
    Funny how this particular 'fan club' is found across the media spectrum - right. left, middle.

    Canada will get 9 million COVID shots months earlier than expected after Ottawa clinches faster deliveries from Pfizer-BioNTech
    ... Star

    Canada’s vaccinations are lagging U.S., U.K.. Why experts say that shouldn’t be the focus
    However, these numbers don’t necessarily mean Canada is failing at its vaccination rollout, according to one expert.

    “We’re not the U.K., we’re not the United States. We don’t have that same degree of buying power,” said Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist.

    “Do we honestly think that we’d be in a different situation with different leadership? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think they’ve made the best of a very challenging situation.”
    ... Global

    Why Canada is at the mercy of vaccine nationalism during the COVID pandemic
    .... Nat Post

    1. “We’re not the U.K., we’re not the United States. We don’t have that same degree of buying power.” So, it's "buying power" that's the problem. Take a look at the countries that have achieved far higher vaccination rates than Canada's. Let's just take one - Slovenia. How's their buying power, NPoV? Go down the list and see how many countries have done better than Canada and check out their buying power. See how many of them have G7-grade economies. Dr. Bogoch sounds like one hand clapping but he's telling you want you want to hear.

      Canada will get 9 million vaccine doses months earlier than expected. Is that Canada's doing or the manufacturer's? And that covers 4.5 million of our 37 million population.

      37 seems to be our unlucky number. 37 million needing vaccination. 37 countries doing better than Canada at delivering vaccines.

      This is a bipartisan failure and it dates back to Mulroney. So what? It's the government of the day that takes the hit. What are we going to do, throw out Harper or Chretien or Martin?

  2. Other than hockey Canada is not taken seriously on the world stage.
    We have allowed our selves to be bought and payed for.
    Have we been reduced to begging for vaccines?


    1. I was reading a CBC report this morning on the RCN's submarine fleet (if 4 clapped out subs can be called a "fleet"). It seems that last year they logged an aggregate zero hours at sea. These denizens of the dockyard were all down for maintenance - for the entire year - all four of them. The government, yes, the Liberal government, claims we can keep these rejected Upholder class boats in service until 2040. We can't even keep them in service today much less 20 years from now. They're Gorbachev-era technology that even the Royal Navy couldn't make work. Instead they were mothballed until Jean Chretien came shopping. A few years ago a motion was tabled in the British House of Commons calling on the UK government to refund Canada's purchase price for these useless boats.

      I also came across a photo of Peter MacKay in 2009 looking at a model of the British Type 26 frigates to be built at the Irving Shipyards. The current target date is 2030 for the first of 15 ships to enter service but, hey, this is Canada the land where "on time" and "on budget" are mythological.

      Meanwhile, how are we doing on climate change, the crisis that could ruin our grandkids' future? Oh yeah, we're building pipelines for a product that's already a "stranded asset." Brilliant. We can't even get these useless governments (Tory and Grit) to deal with the fish farm fiasco that plagues our coast.

      Do I think a Conservative government would do better? No. They're both as useless as tits on a boar hog. We are in an era of multiple evolving crises and governments incapable of rising to the moment. There'll be a price to be paid for that but Trudeau, O'Toole and the rest know they'll be long gone when the butcher's bill arrives.

  3. How good is the supply of the Sputnik vaccine?
    Just wondering.


    1. Putin is using Sputnik in pretty much the same way as Khrushchev did and that wasn't to curry favour in the West.

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