Adios, Rush.

Rush Limbaugh has departed this mortal coil. Lung cancer. Age 70. 

Trump bid adieu, calling Limbaugh "a true American legend."

“In theory, he could have been gone four months ago, really. He was fighting to the end. He was a fighter," Trump said. "He was just a great gentleman.”

If Limbaugh has taught us anything, it's that hate pays. The provocateur's net worth is said to be slightly north of a billion dollars and his last contract was for $80 million a year. Of course Rush, like any ex-mortal won't be able to take it with him.


  1. If anyone was evil it was Limbaugh.
    I listened to him ,fascinated by his venomous verbal rants.
    However he was a fighter and fought his battle with the grim reaper for a year or so whilst still spewing out hate and intolerance.
    Thank goodness Trump is no longer president for we would have seen Limbaugh elevated to sainthood.


  2. Those southern towns that lost their Confederate generals statues may be able to commission new inspiring metalwork in the image of the Rush Monster.

  3. That Limbaugh had twenty seven million, daily, listeners is proof positive of the dysfunction of the USA.
    We must remember Limbaugh , not as an individual but as statement of US attitude and thought.
    About one hundred and forty million Americans voted in the last election.
    That Rush had so many supporters is downright scary.

    it is going to be interesting how the many mourners of Limbaugh's demise are going to prostitute themselves the take the helm!


  4. .. limbaugh.. a leader in the field of monetizing hate

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