Public Confidence in Trudeau is Flagging


The longer the Covid vaccine fiasco drags on the worse it becomes for Justin Trudeau. 

Mr. Trudeau has been long on assurances, the more vague the better, but falls far short on results.  

The bottom line is the percentage of the population vaccinated. The UK leads the way with 10% vaccinated, by some accounts that's 12%. The US, which despite its supposed rollout fiasco, still has a respectable 5%. Canada, at 1.1% comes well behind Malta, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Iceland, Serbia, Romania, Italy, Cyprus, Estonia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary, Croatia, France, Greece, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

Yes, as Mr. Trudeau regularly reminds us, Canada has many tens of millions of vaccine doses on order. In today's Guardian there's a lovely graphic of which countries have contracted for how much vaccine by number of doses per resident.  The UK orders equal 5.5 doses per person. EU, 3.5. US, 3.7. Japan, barely 2.3 doses per capita. Wait for it - Canada tops the list with orders for 9.6 vaccine doses per person.


Those who were lulled into thinking the federal government was on top of the crisis gave Mr. Trudeau high marks. There was even talk of an early election to allow the Libs to reap the benefits of their newfound popularity. Six weeks ago it looked like a sure bet. That was then, this is now.

Angus Reid released new polling numbers this morning. Mr. Trudeau's approval numbers have dropped from a high of near 60% to just 45%. Overall, 75% of respondents said the government has done a poor job of handling the pandemic. Imagine what they'll be like in another month. The overarching issue of the past year and the government is blowing it - badly.

That's the price to be paid when a smarmy politician overpromises and then under-delivers. Many people have been effectively locked down since March and Covid-fatigue is wearing on them. Canada's numbers speak for themselves. 1.1 per cent vaccinated, real bottom-rung performance. We're trailing badly behind Slovenia and Romania for pete's sake. 

An entry on some order book does not save lives. It does not help restore the economy. 


  1. From vaccine : In total, 1,122,450 doses of COVID-19 vaccines (including both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech) have been delivered to the provinces for administration. As of today, 82.8% of doses delivered to the provinces have been administered.

    1 of 34 is not 1 %, it's ~ 3 %.

    1. Rumley, it's a two dose vaccine. And we're 37 million, not 34.

    2. Even using your numbers (and our actual population) Rumley, that works out to 1.18%, not 3%.

  2. Trudeaus popularity has come about because of any decent alternative.
    From Steven Harper to this day Conservatives have had terrible leadership.

    Whoever is governing Canada , Covid is not going to go away any time soon.
    Trudeaus failure in the polls has more to do with Covid fatigue suffered by those that booked a holiday in Mexico the day after vaccines were announced.


    1. "Covid is not going away any time soon." Yes, I realize that. This post, however, is about vaccinations and vaccine promised yet undelivered.

      I agree that Trudeau's up again/down again popularity is in part due to the abysmal failure of the Conservatives to come up with a solid leader.

      Political parties today cannot attract the calibre of leadership that we saw in the 60s through the 80s. If you want to weep go to the Nobel organization's web site and read their biography of Lester Bowles Pearson. What is being served up today is pretty thin gruel.

  3. As much as I decry the twerp who played bait and switch on climate change and electoral reform, methinks the FEDs pandemic management (including generous CERB etc) has been OK ...
    just look south. (Or imagine Harper/Kenney in charge?)

    As to getting stiffed on vaccine delivery schedules, everyone seems to think they should come first.

    btw, apparently little Cuba has developed their own vaccine!!

    1. It turns out Junior has placed orders for enough vaccine to give everyone in Canada nine doses. I can't begin to fathom what that was about.

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