Payette's Parting Gift - $150 Large for Life


Disgraced former Governor-General, Julie Payette, will leave Ottawa with a ridiculously generous  parting package.

Julie Payette submitted her resignation as Governor General on Thursday, but despite leaving early due to a workplace scandal she’ll still qualify for a lifetime pension of at least $149,484 per year.

The lifetime annuity is set out in legislation called the Governor General’s Act and it applies to anyone who has held the office, regardless of how they leave it. It rises slowly over time, currently standing at $149,484.

“An annuity payable under this section shall commence on the day the annuitant ceases to hold the office of Governor General and shall continue thereafter during his life,” the legislation says (using outmoded gendered language).

On top of that, former governors general are entitled to a lifetime expense program that gives them access to up to $206,000 per year from the budget of the Office of the Secretary to the Governor General.

Now I don't want to be churlish about this but what in hell has Julie Payette or any other Governor General done to warrant that sort of lifetime pension? Nothing. It's a purely ceremonial post. The country would function every bit as well or as terribly without a Governor General. 

I know, why don't we put it up to a vote - with every Rideau Hall employee since Payette took office getting a ballot.



  1. Governor General’s Act and it applies to anyone who has held the office, regardless of how they leave it..

    There are many that are not worth their excessive pensions.

    I am sure the list is endless.
    Th question is how do we, taxpayers , stop it?

    In the end it becomes a mockery of what we see as 'democracy'.



    1. How do we stop it? Like most things it starts with getting those we elect to power to put the Canadian people ahead of their own selfish interests.

  2. The queens' representative and all expenses incurred doing their "duty" and pensions should be paid by the queen.

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