Now the White Supremacists Go Fishing


Who knew? Apparently the QAnon crowd were expecting fireworks today in the form of Trump forces swooping down and arresting Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their lackeys under a declaration of martial law. Only Trump bummed a free ride out of town and nobody showed up to put the cuffs on Deep State Biden. According to NBC news, the conspiracy theorists were crestfallen. They felt they had been betrayed, let down by a feckless Trump & Co.

Some of the QAnon crowd feel the whole business was a hoax. They had been punked. 

But, when one door closes, another opens. 

AI researcher Nick Backovic said that while it does appear many QAnon followers are giving up after this last failed prophecy, he has seen white supremacist recruiters “raid” QAnon groups with the explicit goal of recruiting disillusioned and hopeless conspiracy theorists.

“There are lots of people feeling shocked, cheated and angry. As scary as that is on its own, it’s the rest I’m most worried about,” Backovic said. “We’re seeing a lot of Neo-Nazis preying on the potentially disenchanted Q people.”

I expect outfits like the Boogaloo Bois, the Proud Boys, the Klan and others will find easy pickings among the QAnon casualties. They're perfect fodder for the cause. They're already conditioned to accept outlandishly crazy nonsense without the slightest shred of fact or evidence. They're gullible to the point of stupidity. They're angry. They're disillusioned. They're prepared, even looking forward to seeing people like Biden rounded up and executed. Some of them might even get fitted for explosive vests. 

God bless America, indeed.


  1. We can take a certain amount of satisfaction in seeing them destroy themselves from the inside out.
    They all lost their charismatic leader without him there is no cohesion of the crazies.
    Even the right wing radio nuts are self flagellating in despair as they offer competing histories of their failure .
    Truly; The emperor has no clothes , but for some it will take some getting used to.
    Perhaps we will see mass suicides in the future as the obvious takes it's toll?


    1. TB, who can predict how members of a cult react when the fabric of their delusions collapses? Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones' Peoples Temple, the Solar Temple, Branch Davidians, that crazed bunch in Japan and many more. Often they don't end well. I expect we'll learn a lot more about the various branches of the Trump cult over the next few months. The US security establishment has some of these groups and their leaders on their watch list.

  2. .. with no intent to insult or ..
    Its quite 'odd' the rise of fantasy belief - the Qanon factions. Its kind of like 'flat earth' - faked moon landing or truly serious Mormon believers.. wearing odd undergarments.. all based on the declarations of a guy who stuck his head in a black bag with magic stones - whatever. Hillary BBQ'ing babies in the basement of a pizza parlour.. I dunno, the 'coming Rapture' or The Immaculate Conception, Moses of the Bullrushers.

    I maintain that lead poisoning is rampant down there - and Mad Hatter syndrome.. something in the air ? Or the lead water pipes ? LSD or meth ? Mebbe the lead in barn paint ?

    Will we ever see Mr Ed, the talking horse ascendant ? Or Gilligan ? Senator Ted Cruz thinks the Paris Agreement is about the citizens of Paris.. the Citizens of Geneva are behind that Convention.. the mind whirls just thinking that mink may take over the world, bite us all in the ass.. the possibilities are endless

    Beware the frumious bandersnatch and the undertoad Mound.. horde gunpoweder and keep it dry eh ! The time is nigh !! Or is it neigh ! Will ask Mr Ed.. he comin by for some beers later

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